The next top to bottom is Paddy O’Brian

MEN just shared photos of Paddy O'Brian that included a shot of him as a bottom. Unfortunately, the top wasn't shown.


Who do you think it could be?

16 thoughts on “The next top to bottom is Paddy O’Brian

  1. Why would they film this scene without showing the top? I thought it was only in straight porn that they did dumb POV stuff like that.

  2. That’s my guess too. They’re best friends, right, so they might as well be fuck buddies.

  3. I looove me some Paddy Obrian..He’s hot and brings a lot of good energy to his scenes. I would love to see him finally bottom, with that hot, hairy hole of his…

  4. Bound to be Paul Walker. I can’t imagine them flying any of their talent to the UK just for A fuck.

  5. Finally. Paddy is hot and I would love to see his hole get fucked. I hope he can actually stay hard during, though.

  6. 1) Whoever the top is….probably doesn’t stay hard.
    2) Paddy probably takes on the tip and whines and screams like a stuck pig.
    3) is building this up so much with like four trailers and shit and with a recent “Lock in this low price for a year” sale, it’s pretty clear….they’re desperate for viewership.
    For those of you who don’t care at all about the quality of your porn and are content to see straight-ish hot models fake their gay sex with half hard noodles and quick cut edits….by all means, JOIN UP!

  7. “Well It’s About Time”!!….At least he’s not joining the Cody Cummings/Bo Dean Club (NO-Anal Society) . LOL!! 🙂 🙂
    I too agree that it’s probably going to be Paul Walker. (Well, I hope so)

  8. It’s because of their having a “guess the top” game. I don’t think it’ll be POV. I think we’ll see it “all” when it’s released
    I’m guessing it’s Walker

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