Adam Rupert, Roman Klaska & Sylvester Adamus

I think William Higgins is one of the few sites left not dedicated to feet but do feet fetish. Corbin Fisher has tapered its fetish on feet. The threesome scene of Adam Rupert, Roman Klaska and Sylvester Adamus did start with Adam’s feet getting licked by Roman and Sylvester.


I just wish the models at William Higgins would have exclusivity so it would be more interesting to watch them in action. I’ve seen Adam and Roman bareback each other for another studio.

2 thoughts on “Adam Rupert, Roman Klaska & Sylvester Adamus

  1. This ranks as one of Higgins’ all-time great three-ways because it has one seriously hot man after another doing everything, including feet. The shock here is Roman (aka Salikov, etc) , who is not normally considered all that flexible or romantic, completely losing himself from the start. Sylvester (aka Gabriel on Big Daddy) is coming along brilliantly in his exploits and seems to have a fondness for Adam, with whom he has appeared a couple of times. Adam is now the king of the Higgins Hill and also does a lot of work for Big Daddy(aka Greg) and of the three is probably definitely bi or possibly straight. Brilliant scene, must be seen to be believed.

  2. No wonder Adam is “the king of the Higgins Hill”, he is one smokin hot sexy looking guy. Just looking at him here, getting his feet licked, gave me an instant chub.

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