4 thoughts on “Cameron Foster at Flirt 4 Free

  1. I miss Cameron Foster…I completely love hot and gorgeous muscle bottoms…but let’s be honest, Cameron wasn’t the BEST gay porn performer out there (there was always an intensity lacking and a depth of performance that was….shall we say, robotic and pro-forma).
    That said, I wish him and his girlfriend all the luck and love in the world!
    Who knows maybe he’ll reboot his career!

  2. I totally agree with your comments, especially the good wishes you send Cameron and his girlfriend.

  3. I like Jaden Storm!!!
    It’s interesting that he lists himself as straight but said “I am not huge into labels. Gay, strait, bi, they don’t mean anything to me. I believe you should get to know a person for who they are, not what they are!”
    His twitter account : https://twitter.com/Jaden_Storm25
    Is he really 6’2?

  4. That’s the typical gay for pay answer so they can get more fans. Nothing more. It does not mean they are into guys.

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