Clyde of Chaos Men = Elder Rex of Mormon Boyz (tip @ Random Guy and Nico)

Clyde's scenes were released by Chaos Men from Jan to June 2012. He did not have a scene as a bottom.

Clyde_chaosmen_aka_elder_rex_mormonboyz_01 Clyde_chaosmen_aka_elder_rex_mormonboyz_02 
Clyde_chaosmen_aka_elder_rex_mormonboyz_03 Clyde_chaosmen_aka_elder_rex_mormonboyz_04 

He is now known as Elder Rex at Mormon Boyz. His scene had him shove dildos up his ass.


Clyde was also known as Vinny Diaz

17 thoughts on “Clyde of Chaos Men = Elder Rex of Mormon Boyz (tip @ Random Guy and Nico)

  1. Also worked @ RB as Vinny Dias with a solo (2011-April), and an ORAL Dual with Chip Tanner (2011-July).
    Surprised he’s opening up his butt-hole…Might be a pre-text to a real ANAL dual. LOL!!!

  2. WHAAAAT this guy from chaosmen was fucking got!!
    Never knew I would have to check a site “mormon boyz” to see him get fucked…

  3. How many other Mormon Boyz can we identify? We know about James Hamilton, but how many others? Would also like to see some ID’s for Masquerade Men, one of whom, Cameron, is definitely Cameron Kincade. Any help? Thanx.

  4. I will never understand these guys. First off they actually went though with signing up for gay porno. Then its a solo, maybe oral and after that some are taking loads on the face and getting DPed….Not that im complaing but its the transition from baby step to leaps.Let me stop now before i start sounding to judgmental. Look as long as there hot (and he is) and ready to preform, im their!

  5. I rarely find young guys attractive but this site MB has got some eye-catchers. I still prefer that “Bishop” Stevenson on that elder Miltmore bit. He’s definitely a dilf.

  6. The scenes with Allen, particularly that duo where he makes out with his inspector, are REALLY hot.

  7. I’m facebook friends with this guy and he lives in my area. On there, he is very popular and pretends to be all about the ladies. When he’s going on about how much he loves the pussy, I get so tempted to bring up his secret gay porn career, but I figure if I did he would just unfriend me, so I leave it alone.

  8. Is his name really Moe? I think he hit on a friend of mine and I told her to stay away. She won’t tell me his last name though. Will you?

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