8 thoughts on “First time bottom to a real cock for Elder Rex aka Vinny Dias & Clyde (tip @ Bo)

  1. Saw the video. He’s a real hottie but, considering the hot stuff that MormonBoyz has put out prior, this one was pretty weak. I don’t even remember if Rex even came in this video. In fact, I don’t think he did at all.

  2. This is one of those “NEVER Say NEVER” scenarios…and glad to see Mr. RB-Vinny Dias finally taking it in the butt. Now he’s come full circle in being a gay4pay-porn-stars. LOL!!
    Thank you – Bo and DENZ for the heads-up on Vinny/Clyde/Rex. 🙂

  3. The scenes are practically all bareback. Apart from the bad editing, they’ve quite an ensemble of ‘hop-on-to-the-available-studios’ gay porn models. You’ll be frustrated with all the ‘haze’/panned-out editing. So you can forget it if you are to expect a full-on sex scene as the director/cameraman/editor is more interested in auteur porn mormonism. You are to extrapolate your fantasies yourselves – whatever fuck they do gay porn is but a mystery. So any fools signing up be warned.

  4. i agree, the scenes look promising, but in actuality are poorly done, bad lighting, bad editing, a real waste of talent.

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