First time as a bottom for Kellan of CF

Kellan did comeback to Corbin Fisher after two years. Good thing, it took only two more months to wait for a scene of him as a bottom. I don't know who is luckier, Kellan or Connor?


38 thoughts on “First time as a bottom for Kellan of CF

  1. I really like Kellan and Connor is as boring a top as his body is perfect. Can’t wait to check this one out. Too bad it wasn’t Kellan fucking Connor!!!

  2. Connor is the lucky guy and yes it would have been better if it was Connor on the receiving end

  3. I love the Greek god Connor, so I think that anybody who gets to make out with and get fucked by him in LUCKY!

  4. I would have rather seen my fave Dawson have the honors, but you can’t go wrong with Connor. Kellan is just one of several great new guys at CF that need to experience both Connor and Dawson.

  5. Dawson and Connor are both AWESOME. So are Cain, Kent, Aiden, Trey, Chandler etc. I so wish Dru was still at CF. I enjoy watching his CF videos and also the ones he did as Dakota at SC. I love the way he would take charge in the scenes, even with bigger more muscular guys. Did he do any videos at other Studios? I definitely need some more Dru!

  6. I always enjoy watching Kent, Aiden, and Trey. Miss seeing Cain and Dru. My apologies, but I am of no help when it comes to where Dru has worked – SC and CF are the only ones I know of. My favorite Dru scene at CF was the one filmed in Costa Rica when he totally made Dawson his bitch, and Dawson loved it.

  7. First ANAL for Kellan,..and going for the gusto. Now that deserves a 5-Star.
    Presently, to Chandler (9.0),..Connor is in line with the longest cock (8.5 inches) and a real ass-stretcher for Kellan.
    “Way To GO – **Kellan”!!! 🙂 🙂
    ** In my opinion, Kellan (aka: Cody Blackford @ RB) is the BEST looking Corbie at CF.

  8. When it comes to looks, energy, and performances @ CF, THE one who tops them all is Aiden! Sorry @ Connor and Dawson, but Aiden is the reigning king of that site. Who else agrees?

  9. Connor has kinda been phoning in his performances lately. Perhaps he’s getting tired of it all? I love him, but his last few scenes have not been very fun to watch.

  10. Furthermore, I think Dawson & Aiden should be paired up again. Dawson has been cheated out of the opportunity to work multiple loads out the cum shot king.

  11. That is also my favorite Dru scene. It is the best example of how he dominated more muscular guys. You are right. Either awesome Dawson loved it or he deserves an Academy Award.

  12. Can you imagine? Fondling him all over. Sucking those nipples. Giving his body a tongue cleaning. Body to body contact/rubbing……..MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

  13. I sure can. However, you left out the best thing: getting plowed by that big beautiful stud with his big 8.5 !!!

  14. Yes it certainly is. Just curious, your order? I’ll be nice – you know, agree to disagree 🙂

  15. @E.J Aiden Cain & Dawson dead heat runner up is Kent CF models that are still around. my all time favorites that are no longer there is Gabe and Lucas

  16. My order: 1. Dawson 2. Connor 3. Aiden For me it is pretty close to a tie between Dawson and Connor.

  17. This clip was hot…feel like the next bottoming Kellan clip is going to ROCK. Watching this: either Kellan really is straight and nervous or Kellan is gay and not used to taking big cocks like Connor.
    That said, anyone else notice the freaky discolored lube leaking out of Kellan’s ass at one point? Looks like Connor went a little too deep and loosed some mud there.

  18. Ooh yes, i remember GABE..He was soooo good looking! unfortunately, he was somewhat limited in what he was willing to do with a man….

  19. So I just watched this scene..Something occurred during it, which was kind of a turn-off..At one point, when Connor was mounting Kellan from behind, there was a yellowish-frothy substance dripping out of Kellan’s ass and onto the white sheets
    (I believe it’s called santorum?)
    Now, as a top, I understand that sometimes this happens when you’re fucking a bottom who was pumped too much lube into his hole. BUT I don’t expect to see it in porn LOL..It kinda turned me off, and I could not watch the rest of the scene. I’m surprised they did not edit that out.

  20. I think anal sex is just too much. A loosened up anus doesn’t look sexy to me. I think one’s hole loosened up is kind of like a damaged hole.
    And then you have the cleaning up to do. Errh! I don’t fully know how does one go exactly about it. I don’t like dealing with shit.
    I can understand guys’ love of fucking asses – it’s tight. But for the bottom,just too much.
    I’m also puzzled at the fact that there are ANAL QUEENS like Katja Kassin. She loves taking it up the ass! If I were a woman,I’d using my pussy non-stop! I would like my pussy to be eaten,played and fucked with until I squirt a storm!
    With all that said,I don’t mind watching a women getting fucked in the ass while being fucked in the pussy AT the same time in straight porn and I don’t mind watching anal in gay porn too,but I want lots of…….body playing,playful molesting and oral sex.

  21. denz………my reply to andrew didn’t appear. I guess it went to the spam filter again.

  22. LOL@Alias74–I commented about that below, without realizing you had already mentioned it. Yeah I noticed. It was gross. I dont understand why CF left that unedited. They usually do such careful editing. I understand that it’s just par for the course when you’re fucking even the cleanest of holes, stuff is bound to drip out. But I dont wanna see it in porn LOL

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