4 thoughts on “For those who missed Fuller of Sean Cody

  1. He comes off as a douche in his F4F videos. After watching them, I get that vibe from some of his SC videos.

  2. Who caresss about his douche personally. How could you look like that and not turn into a dick. He litarly probably has a ticket line with many in que. But he HAS to be on drugs because their no way he is consistently just that lean through out the year. I believe most if not all of these guys are on body enhancers because I work out hard, like many people and im just not that tight. Eh maybe it really is genetics.

  3. Loved his scenes at SC, especially the one where Dakota (Dru) manhandled and fucked him. He was the loudest bottom ever at SC. Of course that didn’t stop the dominant Dakota from really plowing him. Fuller is a really good looking guy, beautiful face with a great personality. I think he looks a little too thin now. I loved his earlier more beefy look. GO FULLER!!!

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