For those who missed George Basten aka Martin Bogdan (tip @ Dutch)

Unfortunately, it's not porn. George Basten was one of the models hired by Easy Jet for the Berlin Pride.


He is officially retired according to Dutch "George made a come back last year, but a friend told me he now officially retired. But who knows… 😉"

George was accompied by other porn stars.


All three did work for gay porn sites such as William Higgins (as Martin Bogdan, Filip Cervenka & David Smetak).


Tipster Dutch is the blogger behind Hole Freaks

4 thoughts on “For those who missed George Basten aka Martin Bogdan (tip @ Dutch)

  1. ” ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS “!!….seeing Porn-Stars promoting an Airline.
    Thanks Dutch & DENZ for the Sharing…. 🙂 🙂

  2. George Basten has still his account as escort on gayromeo. i wonder when his scene of upcoming dvd by ayor was made.
    he stars as jakub jelinek. good title considering the summer heat 🙂 very hot preview with lots of sexy czech guys, some reltively new to porn world. cant wait for dvd to get in shops

  3. A new movie with George, now that’s interesting 🙂
    According to the cover the movie was shot in June this year. So I guess his retirement certainly didn’t last long this time lol

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