7 thoughts on “Fratmen wants their men back (tip @ Jason401)

  1. Fratmen is THE most dull site (no, I take that back–Any site where a solo performer is just sitting there lackadaisically beating off, that’s a bore).
    It’s not porn, it’s voyeurism, which is something else entirely. If I wanted to do that, I’d become my neighbor’s peeping tom (he’s a hot electrician/ex-con). But I don’t wanna pay to watch strange men doing solo jerk-offs, no matter how hot they are.
    Both this guy and Ashton should have stayed at CorbinFisher.

  2. I love the stuff that Ashton did at CF but I sure ain’t going to subscribe to Fratmen.

  3. Mmmm!!…wonder who’s next on the CF/FM Defector’s List ?? Well,..for 2012/2013 we have CF-TANNER (aka: FM-Marco),…CF-JADEN (aka: FM-Merritt),…CF-OWEN (aka: FM-Gale).
    Correct me if I’m wrong,…but I have yet to see any model coming from another studio to CF…guit/leave,…and gets re-invited to appear back at CF. I don’t think Corbin F. is that kind and accommodating. 🙁 🙁
    My opinion;…CF-KELLAN (aka: Cody Blackford @ RB) is the best looking to date of any model with prior porn-studio experience. “Kellan is absolutely adorable”!!! 🙂 🙂
    PS: I fully agree with E.J. and andrew’s comments.

  4. btw: Total SCREW-UP @ FM.
    Preview clip is correct,…Gallery Photos are also correct …BUT….
    Uploaded/Posted Gunther’s SOLO debut Video as Gunther-Handheld update.
    HOW “IDIOTIC”…can a Studio be??? Doesn’t someone at Fratmen check what they are uploading??????? “Come On John,..let’s get with the program”.!!!

  5. The updates at FM and FM Sucks are so erratic, I wouldn’t subscribe to either one. I’m not a fan of solos but do find the soft porn on FM Sucks erotic sometimes as opposed to hardcore fucking.

  6. Corbin fisher seems to have gotten more aggressive about dropping or early releasing models they don’t want or haven’t gotten very good feedback on. Or maybe lifted the embargo on how long they have to wait before shooting elsewhere.

  7. Isn’t this just a jo on cam site mostly? Cam4 does the same, with just as hot performers and you don’t even have to join to watch. You can join for free if you want to interract with the guys. I just don’t understand why people would pay for a site like this.

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