High while live on cam?

Email from JamesI know some people like to think doing porn is just some innocent thing. I LOVE porn, but I’m realistic and I believe many of these guys are doing it because they’re messed up, or drugs addicts or emotionally needy. This guy Tom Faulk looks so wholesome in that clip. non-porn actor Cory Montieth also looked so wholesome on screen and he was a heroin addict and now he’s dead.

Tom Faulk was apparently high on x when he did a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free last April 23, 2013.


FYI Tom was arrested three times, two for assault and one for possession of a 2 oz of marijuana.

Email from Dutch on Lincoln Hawk’s (aka Fratmen Riley) duo cam show at Gay HooplaBut the sad thing is that he is clearly high on something, his mouth is making crazy movements and he has problems getting hard. Truly sad studios are now using models that are on drugs during a shoot 🙁


It is best to watch the video to judge for yourself.