If Broke Straight Boys is doing it, College Dudes is doing it too

Did you notice that Broke Straight Boys has been in a habit of releasing two scenes of the same guys in less than a month? Take the example of Romeo James. He had two scenes each with Skyler Daniels and Paul Canon released in just a week or two.

If Broke Straight Boys has been doing it, their brother site – College Dudes – is doing it too. The recent update is one example.

Last June 24, 2013, College Dudes released the oral scene of Gage Anderson and Kellan Lane.


Last week, College Dudes released the scene of Gage fucking Lane.

Gage_anderson_kellan_lane_03 Gage_anderson_kellan_lane_04

Expect to see a third scene where Kellan fucks Gage. College Dudes did this with Caleb Johnson and Trent Farris (oral, Caleb as a bottom & Trent as a bottom).

It’s a way of saving production cost. Do it in the bed/couch first. Change clothes and bed sheets. Do it again in the couch/bed. Repeat.