5 thoughts on “It’s back to Ricky for Jay Rising aka Ricky Dicardo (tips @ Alias74 & GMan)

  1. Just in case anyone cares, he had several str8 scenes for bangbros, some were actually pretty good.

  2. THANKS, MOP!!!!! I don’t care what anyone says about this guy’s look, tats, weird butthole, G4P vibe…I think he’s gorgeous and perfect!
    Frankly, even if this cat had a 4 inch dick I’d totally be chasing him down at a bar for a coffee date. Thankfully that’s not the case and he is double handful endowed.
    Let’s hope Bryan gets him back for some major raw action with WAD – Weapon of Ass Destruction.
    AND Ricky or whatever your name is….if you’re reading this: GET FUCKED!!!!! PLEASE!

  3. meh….yeh yeh ugly face no body huge dick …..all been done so many times. What is fascinating is turning left eye and perhaps a palsy of the muscle involved. Should be suing the opthalmic surgeon, or possibly whomever delivered him. Such an unappealing look!!

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