Jack King unmasked at Masquerade Men (tip@gbbuddy)

Masquerade Men released a scene of Jack King (aka Buddy Davis) that had him remove his mask. According to gbbuddy "it's a jo session, but he actually removes his mask for part of the
session — a first.


Will he have a bareback scene?

4 thoughts on “Jack King unmasked at Masquerade Men (tip@gbbuddy)

  1. SORRY..but I prefer the days of Buddy Davis a lot more than his video episodes as Jack King. Maybe it’s because as Mr. King,…B.D. lost that “boy-next-door” charm. 🙁 🙁

  2. Yes. He needs to take it in the ass. Otherwise, no one cares.
    Even if it is him bare backing as a top.

  3. Sort of agree. Wonder if this site will ‘unmask” others, like Cameron (aka Cameron Kincaid) who is a major cum eater.

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