Lance Alexander at Randy Blue (tip @ Terry)

When I read the name Lance Alexander, I associate it with Dylan Lucas, where he was (?) an exclusive. It was rare for him to top.

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Using the same porn name, Lance is now doing live cam shows at Randy Blue where it mentioned in his profile that he was bisexual. However, it doesn't automatically mean he will have scenes released by Randy Blue.


We will just have to wait and see if Randy Blue hires him for scenes.

FYI If you are a fan of Lance Alexander, Randy Blue has an ongoing sale of $9.95/month membership with 300 chat credits. Keep this tip from Jason401 in mind.

Personally,… that's a HORRIBLE Deal. I use to pay $14.95/month and had at least 3 update + 2-LIVE Shows = WEEKLY. Now they only offer at best (one/two) weekly updates and their older archived RBLive Shows.

However,.. RB presently offers 1,200+ clips and 400(LIVE)+ episodes,… so to a newcomer,… that might seem like a terrific bargain…. and it is,… from a reputable studio like Randy Blue.

14 thoughts on “Lance Alexander at Randy Blue (tip @ Terry)

  1. I – LOVE,…Lance Alexander; (an adorable cute face/with a deep manly voice) It would be fabulous if Lance did more than live-chatting @ RB.
    I am presuming that his contract with NDS and DL has expired. I could conceive Lance working for any PORN studio….making them proud and that would definitely include CF-ACM or ACS. (Would make for a perfect pairing with Connor, Chandler or Kent and Ashley @ ACS) 🙂 🙂

  2. I wish RB would bring back its live shows…This new chat system is good but not a fan of it as a replacement for the live shows.

  3. I’m also surprise that DL is allowing Lance to use their beach-photos to promote his RB-Live Chat profile.

  4. “Personally,… that’s a HORRIBLE Deal. I use to pay $14.95/month and had at least 3 update + 2-LIVE Shows = WEEKLY. Now they only offer at best (one/two) weekly updates and their older archived RBLive Shows. ”
    Denz,did you write that or was it someone else?

  5. They are probably pics from his Pacific Blue shoots. At this point with Dylan Lucas DOA, I’m guessing they would welcome the free publicity.

  6. I totally love Lance Alexander. He is so sexy looking and has a beautiful muscular body. I especially love to see that manly stud bottom. I got a chubby just typing that.

  7. Lance is overall hot. Nice body, cute but different face. Could care less if he’s G4P – it’s porn and they’re acting.

  8. Estelle, I think you’re right because I remember seeing something about Pacific Blue before they appeared on Dylan Lucas.

  9. I don’t have a problem with his face. He doesn’t have the typical, plastic porn face. People have issues with the nose but I can totally overlook his nose. Then again, maybe I have a thing for noses. I do like Lance and I also like BA’s Jason Knightley along with actor Rupert Grint and all of them have good-sized noses. But if Rupert ever did porn, I would die on the spot.

  10. I personally think the nose is one of the things that is cute about him.. and his deep voice… gahhh! He is super hot!

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