Men filmed at Georgia Tech campus (tip @ Zach)

The latest scene at MEN was posted under Big Dicks at School. What better way to make it convincing is to film the scene inside a campus like Georgia Tech.


The scene according to MEN "Johnny Rapid sets up a meeting with his sexy professor Colby Keller to address the issue of feeling perved on. Not only does the horny professor admit it, but he heats things up by touching Johnny's leg and taking things to the next level. Before long, Johnny is bent over and slammed deep by Colby's cock!"


9 thoughts on “Men filmed at Georgia Tech campus (tip @ Zach)

  1. Trust me that’s the most exciting thing to go at that nerdy, nasty campus of losers in a long time. Wreck Tech!

  2. Colby Keller will always be awesome to me, esp after I discovered he’s also a nerdy intellectual. I love those. I’ve had my fill of Johnny Rapid, tho. He’s hot but he’s such an unenthusiastic twink. Can’t suck a dick so save his life. Not very animated in his scenes. I’m guessing he keeps getting so much work, because he’s the perfect 10, by twink standard? Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer a homely twink who likes to loves to fuck, than a perfect one who just lays there bored. They need to pawn him off to a bareback site. Those guys can slam a hole, and they don’t let their bottoms just lay around.

  3. I love Johnny Rapid. I especially like the way he looks right into the camera when his lips are wrapped around a big cock or when he is getting plowed. He is really the star of every scene that he is in.

  4. yawn. boring.
    did they get permits from Georgia Tech to shoot? 😀 Guess not.
    Hope they don’t find out, if they do, they might sue.

  5. Andrew, he does have that perfect twinky look. Boyish, but not too femmy. He needs to come out of his shell more, and get more animated. Im not saying I don’t like him, pif I got to use him for a night, I would try my damndest to break his fuckhole 🙂 That’s why they need to send him to TIM ;-)They would really bring the bottom slut out of him!

  6. Lol I know so many people that go to Georgia Tech. Anywho it’s one of the top engineering/physics schools of the US East Coast and one of the best non-law/non-medical/non-liberal arts schools in the US in general. Not sure if it was a good idea to shoot at a place like that in the south of all places.

  7. lmaooo just watched this scene last night and saw the legit physics department building and wondered which school would let a prn studio film there – now I know ! lmao I doubt they got permits , they probably posed as students filming for a ‘class project ‘ – SMH

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