More Fratmen at Flirt 4 Free (tip @ Jasher)

Currently, there are 10 guys identifying themselves as Fratmen at Flirt 4 FreePorter, Nico, Benji, Terry, Marshall, Lance, Liam, Alan, Jonah and Kip. Most of them joined last month, two of them just joined this month.

Other Fratmen are also at Flirt 4 Free but used different names like Cole (as Cole Money), Riley (as Lincoln Hawk), Jayden (as Jaden Storm), & Ajay (as KC Coxx).

I noticed Marshall used sample photos from CF.


I was told that in the next few weeks all Fratmen will be listed here. Will this move dilute the membership of Fratpad?

Speaking of Fratmen, Taylor was in a music video, titled All American Boy, as the love interest of the male singer. It's a sad ending.

Fratmen_taylor_youtube_01 Fratmen_taylor_youtube_02 

14 thoughts on “More Fratmen at Flirt 4 Free (tip @ Jasher)

  1. Check out the arms on the Fratman in the MUSCLE shirt and red head set. Freakin AWESOME!!!

  2. Yeah, and Steve Grand is actually a lot hotter than Fratmen “Taylor”.

  3. Uhm, maybe you need to fix your logic: why a straight country boy would sing about gay love? Because he’s actually, you know, gay.

  4. How quickly they forget!!
    MARSHALL (CF-Ashton) needs to be reminded about the $1mil Jake Lyons (CF-Greg II) lawsuit for using CF photos to promote his escorting. “Ridiculous,… but NASTY”.

  5. I also liked the video. Two hot boys, attracted to one another. Shame that it ended with Taylor ditching the singer.
    This has to be the first video, let alone country, that addresses in a true manner a gay boys interest in another boy. God, I wish I was 20 again and could relive my early manhood again and feel free to be openly gay.

  6. check out his photos on his fb he has many kissing girls, sayign hoe much he loves his girlfriend.

  7. you STeveStarChild he does some cover songs as well. I like how he puts his own twist on the songs

  8. Sad to see making the fratmen do 6 hours on F4F each week, it is a real perv site as far as I am concern. Members making really sick demands on models, and models begging for tips sick. But this will hurt the pad in long run fratmen will go out on their own and do sites like this insist of living at the pad. Cam shows have been hurt, just not the same as it use to be at all. Some good cam shows but I would say not close to what it use to be like.

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