7 thoughts on “Nick of MSB = Nicholas of SW (tip @ Loa)

  1. “GOOD LORD”!!!….What’s with this overwhelming Studio Switching in recent weeks. Seems a lot of the G4P-Stars are doing their “Bunny Hopping” from door to door. LOL!!
    It’s either their popularity has heighten,…or….their wallets are in need of a cash-replenishment.

  2. Hey it’s Joe from My Straight Buddy…Nick is probably my best friend, he just got back from Afcrapistan recently to find that his wife had fucked him over and out of a bunch of money. Jason from Spunkworthy is also a good friend of mine, and it so happened Nick had some temp duty down in San Diego so I hooked them up. You’ll see more of Nick on MSB again soon…unfortunately NOT the one of me eating Nick’s ass out in the shower, that one is just for me 🙂

  3. Hot hot hot… i won’t mind him pounding my tight hole all night.. i would lick his body clean all over specially his armpits… oh i’m so horny…

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