Rocco is back. Is it real this time? (tip @ Rob)

There was doubt that Rocco, who worked at Chaos Men and College Dudes, was back in front of the camera when his scene at High Performance Men was released last Aug 2012 since he looked exactly the same as he left 5 years ago.


Is he back as Ryan at Southern Strokes? He is the latest update.


NO. He is not back. Southern Strokes has been recyling their content as new for the past months due to the site owner's emergency medical issue he mentioned last May 2013. Ryan's solo was first released in 2008, check this post from Waybig as proof.


10 thoughts on “Rocco is back. Is it real this time? (tip @ Rob)

  1. It’s odd because in that scene from 2008, he looks OLDER than he does in 2012–Maybe it’s the extra weight and the beard that made him look aged.

  2. I looooooooooooooooooooove Rocco!!! I only lament he never played with the boys. BTW, I still need to get that scene he did for College Dudes 24-7 with his real life best friend!

  3. He was WAY cute, wasnt he? But as usual, the really captivating ones do very few scenes, and do very few things IN the scenes…Perhaps that’s part of their allure?

  4. Hey Denz, that scene where Rocco is in the locker room, for HPM–That was originally released years ago as something else, correct? What was it?

  5. I remember him as a dancer at Atlanta’s Swinging Richards. Not sure if he’s still there tho

  6. How long was he a dancer there? Was he any good? He’s cute but seemed kinda shy..Is that club all-nude?

  7. I am guessing here. I think it’s an audition shoot which is now being released by HPM. Keep in mind the owner of HPM did have a job recruiting guys for porn shoots.

  8. I love his left-curving cock–It adds that bit of imperfection to an otherwise perfect-looking guy–And that is ALWAYS sexy!

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