4 thoughts on “Ryhs Jagger fucked Kris Evans

  1. Ryhs Jagger, you are one lucky porn actor. You got to fuck the Magyar god: Kris Evans. I gotta say: you look like a Top Man worthy of the honor.

  2. OMG This must be the third time Kris Evans is fucked in BAO. Is like seeing a comet :O

  3. For once a mostly-top porn model bottoming for another model who looks like a top. Thank goodness. I thought they would make Kris bottom for someone like Phillipe. Speaking of which, I saw a new update where Adam Archuleta fucks Johnny Bloom. Johnny’s got a new hairstyle which makes him resemble his brother (a little) from when Benjamin had blond streaks… except they don’t look as good on Johnny. I like him better as a brunette.

  4. I watched the trailer and I’m suspicious Kris Evans really does bottom here. It just panned to a wide shot of him getting fucked but didn’t show any close up shots like they did with the rest of the scenes from that movie. Does anybody have any insight?

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