The latest exclusives of Next Door Studios

Out with the old, in with the new. So far, there are four porn stars announced this 2013 as being exclusives of Next Door Studios.

The first one was Mario Torrez [solo, action 01 & 02].


It was followed by Dante Martin (aka Carson), then Jax Dylan [twitter]. No scenes of the two have been released yet.


The latest is Slate Steele [twitter & aka Sergeant Slate] whose solo [gallery] and action scene have been released.


Are the latest exclusives an improvement from the previous ones?


24 thoughts on “The latest exclusives of Next Door Studios

  1. I have no idea if they’re an improvement cause I steer clear of NDS anything. But, since I’m guessing these guys are all straight, it’s best they haul them all together in one sucky place like NDS as exclusives. Keep them out of the rest of gay porn.

  2. I didn’t find an answer for what caused the ‘ change ‘ of performers…Do they became too expensive? Do they refused to ‘ cooperate ‘ with the boss ( I really doubt this: They know the ‘rules’…lol )

  3. They all look good except for Slate Steele, ugh!
    Dante Martin is Corbin Fisher’s Carson, of course. At least we get one gay one. (No ACS scenes)

  4. Slate Steele is hot
    I only liked Samuel O toole from the former batch, , but he didn’t bottom so I actually didn’t give a shit .

  5. From the loads of cum he ate at AAH and the enjoyment he took in bottoming, I would think Sarge Slate is gay. And a major find.

  6. I hope Dante Martin bottoms in most of his scenes. I get he has a big ol’ dick, but that ass is so firm and fully packed! LOL! Plus, he seems happiest when on his stomach getting plowed.

  7. To each his own. Slate’s the only guy I’m interested in among them.

  8. it seems like they have bad luck when they sign exclusives, they should steer clear of signing anyone for the moment and just try to get past all of the bad publicity they have had with the last batch of exclusives

  9. There is no accounting for taste.
    I’d prolly love Slate if it weren’t for the hideous tats, being shaved like a baby from the neck down and being a bodybuilder. Imagine how hot that would be.

  10. The only “exclusives” I liked @ this studio were Tommy D & Mojo. The looked like they were enjoying the action, & certainly didn’t come across like Ms Cummings.
    I’ve seen Slate on AAH & Carson on CF. I wouldn’t expect anything great now that they are here on NDS

  11. I expect they’ll do less rather than more. Seems like NDS get’s performers who want to do very little. It’ll take more than some new faces as exclusives to perk my interest. One thing they need to change is to quit hiring gay for pay models, especially ones that do so very little.

  12. The new guys all look great but so do the “old” guys. To me you can’t get any better than Marcus Mojo. He has an awesome body, a sweet personality and is a fantastic bottom man.

  13. Slate Steele is bi. Has bottomed in other scenes.
    I don’t find a problem with his looks at all. You are crazy!

  14. They were old, and weren’t generating enough site memberships anymore.
    They were stale in their content-none were willing to bottom; who predominantly topped.
    they can go fuck themselves, now.

  15. Samuel O’Toole was a liar. Wasn’t bisexual, had antigay remarks about gay marriage, and then hid his status in a heterosexual relationship.
    Fuck him.

  16. Answering DENZ question….NOPE,..I prefer the OLDER Group of NDS Exclusives.
    MARCUS MOJO, alone, could hold the honor over all 5 of the new exclusives. Good Lord,..there’s NO COMPARISONS!! 🙂 🙂

  17. I wouldn’t really go by the “not having an ACS scene” because I’ve been wrong on that account; Sloan didn’t have one and he says that he’s straight. The only proof that we do have that Carson/Dante is indeed gay is his interview for his CF solo.

  18. Can’t really disagree with you on that one. While I did love Rod Daily, I enjoyed Marcus a lot more. Cody was highly overused during my time as a member (several updates of him) and the only other exclusives that I loved but have either moved on or disappeared were Campbell Stevens, Brody Wilder, Chad Logan, Lance Alexander and Austin Merrick.

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