Tom Faulk with Hunter Page

The two worked at College Dudes but they never paired up. Tom’s last scene was released in Aug 2013 while Hunter was introduced a month later. The two were paired up by MEN and their scene will be released in a few hours.


As for Tom Faulk [twitter], he is still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free and shot a scene last month with Conner Kline for MEN.


As for Hunter Page [twitter], he has been answering fan questions. He has a foot fetish. He did bareback at his home and does not advocate it.


6 thoughts on “Tom Faulk with Hunter Page

  1. Tom Faulk is great. I loved the scenes he did at College Dudes. I especially like to see him bottom. He is looking even hotter since he has put on some added muscle.

  2. I fully agree with James above,…”INDEED TWO HOTTIES”!!
    Hunter P. looks CUTE in any episode or Studio he appears. Delighted to see Tom F. at Men. I don’t particularly care for that aqua-color tattoo on his arm,…but his striking good looks definitely works to my favor. I love his long wavy-blonde hair and charming smile.
    Thanks DENZ…for spot-lighting TWO of my favorite “STUD-MUFFINS”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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