Who is the real Brett Swanson?

Two twitter accounts are claiming to be the REAL Brett Swanson@BrettXXXSwanson and @BrettSwansonXXX.


Who is the real Brett Swanson? I am more inclined to believe that @BrettXXXSwanson is the real one due to the selfies.


More importantly, if you mouse over the twitter account of Brett on his RB Live profile, it says @BrettXXXSwanson.


FYI Randy Blue is still having a $9.95/month membership sale. Will this be the regular price since it has been on sale for more than a month?

2 thoughts on “Who is the real Brett Swanson?

  1. …and DENZ,.all of this confusion would have been cleared up if Brett remained as a Corbie at CF. (aka: Dylan II). 🙁 🙁
    btw:…I can attest that Brett is NOT living in San Francisco,..or I would know about it. LOL!!!

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