33 thoughts on “Would you recommend Paddy O’Brian’s first time as a bottom to your friends?

  1. Much of the time, it looked like Paddy was desperately trying to pass his first BM of the week.

  2. Wish he had done oral, though. At least he was more (semi-)hard than Rocco ever was while bottoming. I give it a B-. Hopefully he does more bottom scenes and he reciprocates in oral.

  3. I think Paddy is one of the hottest guys ever, BUT this scene is not.At about 19 minutes long, it was about 8 minutes before any action even began. Enjoyed watching Topher eat Paddy’s ass, and Paddy sitting on Topher’s dick facing away from him (and blocking most of Topher’s mug thank god)was a good shot but this site really does not know how to film a good scene.They don’t seem to know where the camera should be (why shoot Paddy and Topher kissing from the back of Paddy’s head ???)or how to edit it. I think Paddy actually gave it his all but someone needs to snatch the camera from those stupid women. Watching Paddy shove toys up his own ass was way hotter.

  4. I’m not a big fan of his, never really did it for me, seems too plastic… so no… now if it were Colby Jansen that’s another thing all together… and yeah, as @TryExLax said, someone looking like they are trying to pass a squirrel or something doesn’t seem that erotic…

  5. I agree, his expressions denote that he definitely did not enjoy it. It’s a turn-off. I would rather watch a bottom enjoying it, than a top who only bottomed out of peer pressure.

  6. Funny when Rocco bottomed he always came with a cock up his ass and the top pounding his prostate.

  7. Haven’t seen the clip yet but always found him hot but sorry the cockney accent kind makes me loose a hardon, however he looks hard through out the shots of scene so cannot really comment until I see the clip.

  8. Not into Topher DiMaggio. Too metrosexual. Once Paddy bottoms for someone more “masculine” then I’ll recommend the scene.

  9. I already drive one of my friends nuts talking about how hot I think Topher DiMaggio is – so I sure would recommend watching him Top the hot Paddy O’Brian.

  10. I wouldn’t run out with hard earned dollars and plunk them down to MEN for this scene. Topher is just too much Topher. Like previously said, he’s too metrosexual, plucked, groomed, pretty, swishy to be a real sexually charged top man. As for Paddy, yeah, the accent is grating and I would have preferred if he had been submissive and took the pounding rather than being so bossy and aggressive. Hell, the whole scene is basically him riding the dick. It got old….I don’t like cowboy position anyway….I think it’s a waste. And they didn’t even do missionary at all which is my favorite and I think should be mandatory in every scene. I love for the bottom to be “covered up” with the top pounding his ass with his legs straight up in the air, knees to the bed!!! Topher comes on himself upright, which was stupid and Paddy comes on himself.

  11. I agree with most comments above, would not recommend the scene. First I do not understand why they have women editing gay porn scenes, how can a women possibly understand what gay men find hot, all of MEN’s scenes are quickly becoming like the Next Door Studio scenes, guys standing around not knowing what to do, heavily edited, lack of passion, chemistry, not getting hard, etc. This scene, Paddy was way too aggressive, (trying to top while bottoming) Topher was basically non-existent, it was only 8 minutes of actual action and Topher wasted his usually heavy cumshot on his own body. I do not have a problem with Topher, but they need to put him with a twink bottom to compensate for his groomed, metro sexual look so that it can look like he is dominating them. Also not a fan of the behind the scenes look, they needed a story line other than watching to women look ridiculous pleading with him to bottom.

  12. Men.com = Sad, crappy porn site.
    In which a stable of deliciously drop dead porn performers whack limp cocks on each other and pretend to have sex.

  13. I’m not crazy about it but I could tell that Paddy was trying and that there was a respectable level of commitment involved which is more than what I can say for a shitload of G4P work out there.
    It’s not the worst G4P “first time bottoming” scene out there and is exponentially better than anything Cody Bitchface Cummings has put out in the last millennium of that sorry excuse people call a gay porn career.

  14. To be honest though, what kinda ruined the scene for me was Topher. Yes he’s attractive and I’m sure that he has a lot of fans out there but his on-scene “sound effects” are so throaty, grating and contrived that they are borderline offensive to my ears. I just can’t…

  15. You guys are funny on this blog–You frequently complain that certain guys are not hot enough, then you complain when they are TOO hot lol. It’s PORN Not America’s Next Top Model! I just don’t like Topher because I dont think he gives it his all, as a top. His looks are whatever.

  16. if ya love him..glad he is doin it/n other scenes. i was transfixed by him..his body/attitude ect the first few times. now i find him boring..like ryan idol gorgeous but adding just one more thing every so often to keep public interested.

  17. I would only do it if the friend were into either or both of them; I honestly am not a fan of either.

  18. you are right-on in your analysis. how could these women, who must be lesbians, have any idea what i, as a gay man , want to see? just knowing they are in the room filming it is a turn off. MEN has a stable of great looking guys they totally waste.

  19. I love Paddy, and of course I told everyone who’s dick I’ve seen that the scene was awesome! I find it hilarious that Straight Paddy bottomed before Gay Topher.

  20. You notice how Topher was not allowed to cum on Paddy? It was one of the strangest cum shots with Topher bending backwards to um on his own abs. This scene was a waste. If Paddy and Paul are gonna do it, then do it right. Suck that cock before the guys shove it up your ass!!! To think people ran Rocco R. into the ground with negative comments.

  21. It’s always nice to see a Porn-Star coming “Full-Circle” in Gay-Porn, and Paddy O’ got my 5-Stars just for doing so. 🙂 🙂
    Now if we can get Mr. DiMaggio to bottom, that’s at least worth 5.5 Stars. LOL!!

  22. It’s Paddy bottoming, so yes, I would. But I still wish it was some manly man who pounded him. How great if it were Colby Jansen? Maybe next time around, Colby would give up his ass for Paddy. #HappyThoughts

  23. It rated a C- Topher bottoms in his personal life so they should have made a flip flop out of it. I think Paddy would have gotten into more with his bud, Paul Walker. He enjoyed the dildo much more and came while using it. What a shame that they have to be 10 feet apart and jacking solo to end the scene. It’s on myvidster so don’t waste your money buying it

  24. this scene was boring , not sex at all , paddy was annoying with his loud ass voice and exaggerated accent , and grunting . And he needs to start talking more dirty during the sex, I’m tired of hearing ”yeah , that’s it” come out of his mouth every 10 seconds.
    And I agree that Topher is too queeny. He is overhyped and I’ve never understood the appeal.

  25. I love Paddy and will watch anything he is in. Talking or not talking. I also love everything about Triga, so go figure. I think next time they need to do a disclaimer: In case your dick goes limb fast forward through the who the fuck cares intro and into the scene where Paddy stops bitching about being a bottom. Again love him, but this should be in the deleted scenes. The scene was about what I would expect: an uncomfortable Paddy, not too dissimilar as Jeremy Penn. I think he may overplayed it a little too much, I mean if you watch BLue’s Police Movie, we have already seen him with a dildo, and the facial expressions then were smoking. This time not so much, but it’s Paddy, so there it is.

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