7 thoughts on “A thing of beauty

  1. BRILLIANT!!!!!
    I want that pic of the DP of Dale’s mouth blown up, framed, and hung in my hallway….

  2. Porn has been so boring lately, but I instantly got hard when I saw a pic of these three hot guys. Love them.

  3. ditto….the way porn should be…3 ordinary blokes going hard at it instead of all these pimped up, made up, air brushed, right lighting queens.

  4. I agree with Andrew, Gabriel just exudes sex. His seduction scenes and intense performances are the best on Cocky Boys. Thank you Gabriel, you sexy Canadian!!!

  5. I LOVE all three of them!! These are men I look for when I want porn and they’re all in the same scene together. I’m not into orgies or threesomes usually, but I’ll watch this one for sure!
    They’re all seriously sexy and for different reasons.

  6. Dale and Colby always make the best scenes together. they had to have been a couple at some point cuz they sure fuck like they were! 😉

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