Agree or disagree? Smith’s First Time is most popular scene this 2013 at CF

According to Corbin Fisher, the scene titled Smith's First Time is their most popular scene this 2013 (so far).


The rest of the top 10.

2. Trenton Gets Laid (by Tiffany)

3. Kellan’s First Time (with Blake)

4. Kellan & Scott Get Wet

5. Kellan Creampies Harper

6. Quinn’s Tag Team (with Chandler and Aiden)

7. Breaking in Gentry (with Quinn)

8. Quinn Rocks Aiden’s World

9. Sylas Gets Fucked (by Aiden)

10. Cameron Rides Chandler

3 out of 10 for Kellan, he could be the breakout star for Corbin Fisher this 2013. Denz Jr. is rooting for Smith.

32 thoughts on “Agree or disagree? Smith’s First Time is most popular scene this 2013 at CF

  1. Anything with Quinn is top notch. Such a hot stud. Needs to be the center of a Corbin Fisher gang bang. He would love it. I would love it. LOL

  2. The Smith scene was awesome…but the newest scene that was uploaded this morning should take that spot: Kellan and Kenny get Dirty….
    Check this out: Kellan rims and tongue fucks Kenny, they 69, then Kellan puts Kenny on his back, fucks him, pulls out, makes Kenny suck his dick fresh from his own ass, they kiss, Kellan fucks him again, ATM’s Kenny again, repeat….then Kellan blows his load and creampies Kenny and….wait for it….then goes in to sloppily lap up his own cum out of Kenny’s freshly fucked hole.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Who honestly goes to CF for their straight porno. Not hating but just saying there are studios that specify in straight porno to a wide degree. Anyway. I only use that site for Aiden–only if hes bottoming, for someone worthy that is. Who actually knows how to fuck. Site has no good tops.

  4. As a long time fan, i think the list is just a ploy to promote their new stable. I think they had a lot of great vids earlier in the year and none of them made this list. Not one of their more well known models like Aiden, Kent, Harley, etc.made the list. Its all kellan, kellan, kellan, give me a break.

  5. THANK YOU, MARK!!! Totally agree. It’s becoming the Kellan show. Even though breakout stars like Smith, Trenton, and even Kellan are worth watching the vast majority of the rest of the new stable are sub-par. I’m on the verge of cancelling my membership because CF is putting some of their best talent out to pasture to make way for these new guys that can’t compare.

  6. But Aiden has three scenes listed! Cameron has one. Indeed there are no mentions of Josh or Kent, but maybe their updates weren’t their best this year. You also have to consider that CF tends to have their A-listers reserved to CFSelect so wouldn’t be included here.
    We don’t know how they came up with the ranking : did they only consider the subscribers’ ratings or mix it with the number of downloads? You’d think a scene which has few fans but high ratings would be aligned with a scene with many downloads but slightly lower rating
    What I find truly puzzling is Denz not mentioning Quinn who is listed four times, including the number 1 scene. Denz Jr does not make him objective at all!

  7. The illogical side of me thinks Quinn is not a contender for break out star of 2013 since he had 3 gay scenes in 2012 🙂

  8. This vid got me off several times. Smith is my ideal jock. I love his face, his body, HIS COCK, ass and the passion in his performance with Quinn. If there’s chemistry between the guys performing then its always a plus for me. Also, vids with Kellan and Zeb are also my faves from the more recent CF boys.

  9. Smith is really hot but that scene wasn’t my favorite. I am excited to see more of him, though. Tom was in most of my favorite CF vids this year so far.

  10. I’m one of the rare homos that enjoys the straight scenes. I enjoy the gay scenes more, but I think it’s hot to see a performer I enjoy do all straight, gay and bi scenes.

  11. Good point about Aiden, but its likevAiden is second banana to Kellan. I dont get it, Kellan is dull compared to others.

  12. I agree, you need to say something to CF because they are going to retire Tom soon. And just when Tom is starting to really break out of his shell.

  13. I voted for KELLAN and SCOTT “Get Wet”. There’s always something special when you add “WATER” to a scene. 🙂 🙂
    I’m also betting that KELLAN will be the next contender for the CF-Dean’s List.
    The 2013 – Kellan has certainly come full-circle from his debut at RB as Cody Blackford.

  14. I also agree MARK. yes I believe Smith is the hottest new CF model. he is one masculine dude he is the only reason why I came back. in Petes Attic interview he will do it all can’t wait. I saw Kellan in 2 or more videos and he does not do it for me great body but a little to feminine for my taste

  15. According to my read, Aiden has 3 out of 10 also, but no special mention is made of him. He’s one of the best on CF and always seems to really be into the scene and his partner. Kellan is really kinda boring if you ask me. What’s with the hard push on him anyway? You getting a kickback or head or something? 😉

  16. Thanks! Sometimes i get a response back, but mostly not. But i still do it anyway. Thanks!!

  17. My point as well. Love Aiden , but why are they pushing Kellan like he us the next best thing? Kellan can’t hold up to Aiden or Kent.

  18. I keep begging them to bring back the bi scenes! I have a ton of them on my hard drive and those are the ones I revisit the most…the boys are hard, amped up, playing with pussy and cock AND LOVING IT!

  19. Yes but Kellan has that Finishing Move where he pulls out just as he ejaculates. Not right before, not right after, just so. You gotta admit it’s a neat trick, kinda like Aiden’s multiples.
    But Aiden’s persona is miles ahead of Kellan’s at the moment.

  20. i like that video. i thought it was hot. until smith pulls out and jerks off on quinn’s mouth -_- and there’s a cut scene between him pulling out and exploding, with him taking a glance at a different direction which probably suggests he was watching porn. got underwhelmed after that.

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