Brian Jovovich = Vasek Konik (tip @ Terry)

Brian Jovovich is the new guy at Belami Online this week.


Before he became Brian Jovovich, he did work as Vasek Konik at William Higgins. Vasek was introduced last March 2013 and his recent scene was released last month.


2 thoughts on “Brian Jovovich = Vasek Konik (tip @ Terry)

  1. Brian/Leo was completely shaved for his Bel Ami debut. When members complain about the excessive shaving of Bel Ami’s models, which they do a lot because it happens a lot, GD and his website mouthpiece always insist the models come to them that way. The Bel Ami write up about Brian/Leo admits that he did prior work for the Higgins website. On the Higgins website, Brian/Leo was also completely shaved in his earlier audition there, but he grew out his pubes for his subsequent scenes. Of course Brian/Leo then shows up on the Bel Ami website completely shaved. GD needs to admit that its Bel Ami’s idea to shave their new models and explain to the members why he thinks that is a good idea.

  2. Well I remember one BA model stating in an interview that the reason he shaved his pubes while working for them was because he didn’t want his pubic hairs getting caught in his partners’ teeth while they were blowing him.

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