For the record from Jackson Taylor

He is not back in gay porn. He just misses his porn fans so he is again on twitter. He was arrested not for prostituion but for parking tickets. He is currently in a legal battle with Treasure Island Media with his contract "I refused to work with once I discovered more about them". He was tested last July 29, 2013 with nothing to worry about.


Jackson Taylor now, shared on twitter.


Go ask him your question.

15 thoughts on “For the record from Jackson Taylor

  1. Always loved David Taylor. He was my favorite Randy Blue model a few years back. But based on the pics, the years haven’t been good to him. He looks skinny and sick now.

  2. How is it possible that a gay guy who is a porn model does not know what kind of company TIM is? Find that really hard to believe. This Twitter account looks more like damage control to me because if you have worked for TIM many guys think you’re HIV+.

  3. Wait, he says he’s HIV and STD free, but he was inseminated by like a dozen different guys in various TIM films, most who have all filmed with other openly positive models, including Ethan Wolfe, who has a freaking bio-hazard tattoo right above his crotch. If this guy isn’t lying he’s just really stupid. Or both.

  4. I don’t know what would possess a young attractive healthy guy like him to just casually choose to have bareback sex with MULTIPLE HIV POSITIVE MEN. It wasn’t just Ethan Hawke. Then is trying to fight off rumors that he is poz himself. Something is really weird here…

  5. i really don’t know who this guy is, but my favorite line is “I did have a rentboy ad for a short time, never met anyone off it” WOW, that sounds believable. another stupid whore.

  6. How can you mistake TIM’s aesthetic or what they do??????
    Taylor….you are gorgeous but you may seriously be lacking some common sense.

  7. He signed a contract with TIM to be one of their exclusives so he should have read the contract that states they own all the footage and can use as they wish. At least he owns up to the fact that “part of the blame falls on him” but it’s hard not to view this as a case of buyers remorse.

  8. Jackson’s BarebackRT profile lists him as poz. At least one scene partner, Anton Dickson, said Jackson told him he was poz before filming. TIM also asks on their model application as well as if you are comfortable fucking someone of a different status. Me thinks someone is doing some (bad) PR work.
    His profile:

  9. That BarebackRT ad is clearly an imposter. JT has never lived in California nor is he 20.
    People use porn stars images in ads all the time.

  10. <3<3<3 Jackson Taylor and Im glad hes back to keep in touch with fans .. hes adorable and I will always be a fan

  11. I used to like Jackson Taylor but not in light of his childish bullshit story and his deformation of Treasure Island Media. There is no way he did not know what he was doing and he violated his contract.
    Ethan Wolfe is fucking HOT and I am very familiar with his Bio-hazard Tattoo and the fact he is POZ and I will volunteer to Bottom for Ethan and he can FEED ME, FUCK ME BAREBACK, and YES BREED ME with his hot BAREBACK COCK and several of his big warm RAW loads deep inside me.
    Treasure Island contact me and I will milk a few hot cocks dry with my talented ass.

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