Hot or not? Ankle monitoring device (tip @ Lee)

Two days ago, Fratmen shared behind the scene photos of their shoot with Nathaniel.


It included photos that showed his ankle monitoring device.


Hot or not?

15 thoughts on “Hot or not? Ankle monitoring device (tip @ Lee)

  1. Considering the lengthy prison records of many porn performers I’m surprised we don’t see more of them…

  2. Gnormie, it depends on the conditions of your parole. A friend of mine had an ankle bracelet where he was only allowed to be at home or at work. If they did a random check, the signal from his bracelet had to ‘ping’ from either of those locations, else he woulda been in trouble.

  3. Agreed on the conditions of his parole. But if he informed his parole officer that he had a job offer (which I’m sure he had to describe in detail and in truth), his parole officer can make certain conditions for his travel.
    And I’m sure his work can help pay off his fines much quicker (if they are indeed that steep).
    But it is sad to see such young persons in that much trouble with the law. I’ve seen both men and women at young ages (18-25) with those bracelets (I’m 32). And those felony convictions will haunt them a long time. Not saying they can’t ever get a good job, BUT, it can prevent a lot of potential. But that’s just my 2 cents.

  4. It’s the sandals and underwear that really make the bracelet look great. Fratmen must be searching the bottom of the barrel.

  5. Definitely not hot. I can’t see why anyone would find him attractive but I s’pose there must a few who might otherwise they wouldn’t bother photographing him would they?

  6. Who knows? Maybe the ankle monitor is a prop because he is trying to effect a bad boy look. Or maybe he is a bad boy.

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