Hot or not? Samuel

Like most guys working for Big Daddy, it releases three scenes of their new guy in a span of less than a week. Samuel is no different. He showed his versatility in his first scene.


Anyone else seen Samuel work for other studios?

FYI Just be careful joining Big Daddy since it has a pre-checked box that will charge you for joining another site. Also, trial membership doesn't give you access to all its content.

9 thoughts on “Hot or not? Samuel

  1. Samuel has a fantastic body… these few pics above hardly do him justice! I love the fact that he’s versatile. (It’s sad that versatility is such a seemingly rare trait in porn stars these days, and it’s ironic that some people some manage to become “sex stars” when they’ll only do one or two sex acts but nothing else.) Two thumbs (and one penis) up for Samuel.

  2. Don’t think the BigDaddy scenes do him justice because too predictable and hardly any reciprocity (kissing, mutual sucking). I would like to see him in a flipflop with Ivo Kerk for William Higgins.

  3. Marko not quite, uses name Alex Master on films, Score! and Raw Repairs both also released by Staxus, last year.

  4. thanks! just today i found out on staxus forum that Alex did 2 scenes previous year. i think he looks better in these new scenes than last year

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