8 thoughts on “Jason of SC is now Jason Star at UKNM & BM

  1. i love facial hair and he’s a prime example of someone who went from unremarkable to adorable with the beard.

  2. I always thought Jason was cute. He reminds me of this brainiac that went to school with me. Super smart, nerdy as all hell but you could see his muscles through his shirt: his pecs were delicious. His secret? He was in the band and was the first tuba.

  3. I don’t like facial hair on most guys. He was however lucky enough to get fucked by Brodie while at SC!!!

  4. So true.
    I never noticed him on SC and didn’t even watch that clip. Then I came across this UKNM clip and could not take my eyes off of him.
    Totally a case of facial hair improving one’s look.

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