15 thoughts on “Lance Alexander is officially with Randy Blue

  1. Lance has a really beautiful body and a sexy looking face. He is one of those muscle boys who is an awesome bottom.

  2. He said in his interview on the Dylan Lucas blog about a male actor he wanted to have sex with and I felt like they were forcing him to say something like that because all the other models were saying almost the exact same thing. However, he is listed as bisexual on his RB Live profile. Only Lance knows. He could be gay, he could be bi or he could be like Marcus Mojo or Kurt Wild and is a straight dude that loves taking it up the ass. Very possible seeing as I know some gays who don’t like taking it up the ass.

  3. I fully agree … I would have preferred seeing him at CF..(ACM/ACS) or even a CFSelect Exclusive. LANCE is definitely a STUD. 🙂

  4. yea, I don’t like taking anything up my ass either, except for a tongue. I get that some straight guys like ass play.

  5. He’s fucking hot and that hole is magically delicious!
    Again shame it’s with this company!

  6. getting tapped was what pushed me from straight-curious to gay. it just felt so good that i found myself checking out guys and hooking up more an more. i don’t even think about chicks anymore. so maybe lance is an anal convert too.

  7. too bad cuz lance is totally fuckin’ load-worthy — that dude can nut in my butt anytime!

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