52 thoughts on “Matthew Keading to transition as a woman

  1. What an idiot butt pirate you are! I didn’t know gays are required to change genders? Obvious you have no intelligence or point to what you are saying. Gay is being attracted to another person of the same sex. I agree with David, maybe harsh what he said, but it’s certainly the truth. I’m sure bestiality and incest isn’t too far on your list. Disgusting piece of shit. Tell your mother to swallow so we won’t have to many mistakes like you crawling and smiling around!

  2. GayManInCA, It’s very interesting what you have said here and you make a lot of sense. A few days ago I ran across some still photos of Matthew, the first time I had ever seen him, and there was a noticeable sense of beauty about him that made me want to find more of him, which led to tons of porn movies. The feeling of him that I saw in those movies is so different from the still pictures…nothing but a palpable, abiding sadness and very little beauty, actually (despite how popular he may actually be). There was a sense of him absolutely hating it, like he felt inside it was the most disgusting thing in the world, but nevertheless he would “do” it. He really made porn sex seem very, very, dirty and degrading. The only thing good in his porn movies is when he is kissing somebody, that seemed very real, like all he really wanted was some love and affection for somebody, a love and affection that every person deserves. The actual sex was just “play by the numbers” and he always seemed to have a demeanor of wanting it come to an end. Those who see the beauty of his body and face are reasonably saddened at the thought of such a beautiful guy surgically altering his body; how many wish they had such a beautiful body and can hardly believe that somebody who has it would destroy it. And right now, he is only a too-heavily-made-up “female” face with still a male body from the neck down. I can’t imagine how we would ever be able to make enough money for “bottom surgery” if he doesn’t already have a ton of money from all the porn he has already done. He has peaked; there would be very little demand for “shemale” porn, I believe (it’s really kind of an “off off off ‘Broadway'”). So what is it about his male DNA that he is uncomfortable with, to only substitute it with lots of make-up? And you said he didn’t even know that he was gay until recently–so how could someone not know their sexual orientation for childhood on? As you suggest, he might be disconnected from his genuine reality due to abuse and other causes that led more to him suppressing his true self (for emotional protection?) and hating his external self that attracts to him people who only want to use him. Of course, I don’t know him at all, only that he does not seem genuinely happy. I am sure that he is a good human being that surely deserves every bit of happiness he can find. Not that it is any of my business, but I think he needs to quit porn for sure and find any other way to make money that would use other talents and skills that he surely possesses, or could develop, to increase his self-esteemed based on what can make him genuinely proud. Porn makes me think he was pulled into it by others who wanted to use him, that it is not a genuine expression of his own dreams and desires. I do wish him the very best.

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