OUCH! (tip @ Paul)

One thing is for sure. A fight ensued before this photo of Solomon of CM was taken.


Kindly refrain from including links and his non porn name in the comment section. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. It’s too bad that he deleted his Twitter account, we could’ve known what happened… lol.

  2. Well…
    1. On 7-3-13 he was arrested for pot in Atlanta, Georgia.
    2. On 1-26-13 he was arrested for battery in Decatur, Georgia. (the ass whupping mugshot)
    3. On 4-7-12 he was arrested for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place in Austin, Texas.
    4. On 03-23-12 he was arrested for unlawful speeding and DUI.
    5. On 10-2-10 he was arrested for DWI in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    6. On 12-01-09 he was arrested for larceny in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  3. these porno performers in general are so attractive yet so fuckin crazy. i would have never guessed he had such an extensive arrest record–yet its all there. what is with these people.
    mug shoots just capture it all dosent it roflmao lol!

  4. Let’s face it, people don’t do porn because they are ‘right in the head’..Porn is usually just a rest stop on the highway of their messed-up life.

  5. That’s NOT FAIR !! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THEIR WHOLESOMENESS !!!!!! (i mean of course before I got to write the same thing. another whore another mugshot, how surprising)

  6. you are so right. of course we know we will be attacked as “haters” for writing the truth, but isn’t he just a picture of sanity, morality and wholesomeness in that mugshot ? I just want to invite him into my home and share a warm crumpet with him. that is before he goes off to deliver meals to elderly shut-ins.

  7. He doesn’t seem to be the only porn star in trouble. I happened across a picture of Sean Cody’s Devin. He was arrested for marijuana possession. Mary Jane is such a seductress.

  8. I was guessing Florida, but Georgia is close enough and Atlanta is plenty trashy (I lived there for quite awhile). And Texas seems to get plenty of sensesless crime.
    There’s always been something odd about Chaos (even pre-BB). Hot stills, often dull action. Hiring hot looking fuckups may be part of the problem.

  9. I forgot to mention the arrest on 3-23-12 was in Broward County Florida.
    So he’s been arrested in Texas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.
    Just 46 more to go.

  10. Just google his name ************** and you will see he is really bad boy. And after all, isn’t that what most of us look into porn?

    Edited by Men of Porn – I removed the real name of Solomon.
    Again, please refrain from including his other non porn name and links in your comments. Thank you for understanding.

  11. What a bunch of cunty faggots u are……leave the fucking kid alone

  12. they all seem to get arrested in Florida. I think I’d use residence there as a rule-out for hiring guys to do porn.

  13. Erick, it’s absolutely unconscionable for you to reveal his real name. But thanks so much for doing so – it’s been real fun googling him and finding out all about his past. An attempted rapist or murderer has always been a turn on.

  14. uh…attempted rapist and murderer? I didn’t see any allegations of that. Is someone accusing him of that?

  15. Did you miss that you were asked not to add his real name or links to it?
    Wow. everyone knows now how clever you are at using Google. Fucking ass hat. Why don’t you provide your real life info so we can have some fun.

  16. Personally, I feel sorry for the guy. He seems to have problems that need to be addressed. Best wishes to him to work his way to a better self.

  17. yes, the best way to work on your problems is to do porn.In fact i think the “porn approach” to problem solving is endorsed by the American Medical Association.

  18. where in what i said was porn his therapy? he is a human being who clearly has problems. wishing him well is not a bad thing (at least to me). but if you want to be an ass about it all that is your biz. have a nice day;)

  19. All this does is show that he is human and makes mistakes. Hopefully he stops making some of the same ones like hanging with the wrong people. Some people that you think are your friends turn out to be people just using you. I think he is having a run of bad luck with the latter set of friends. But in the end it is his choice. As for the porn he has done well again that was his choice to do and he is good at it not to mention that he seems to really like it as well.
    I think we all can relate to doing stupid things in our life. Solomon is no different. And yes some of us make more than one mistake in our life time. We all should remember that when we are trying to judge his actions.

  20. It’s amazing the excuses people will make for someone they find attractive in porn.

  21. My ex girlfriend cheated on me, beat my face in when I tried to kick her out, had me arrested end of story thanks

  22. It’s none of my business but since you posted the comment, we are entitled to reply. Your story doesn’t ring true. Maybe I have watched to many “Cops” shows, but when the police arrive on a domestic dispute call, the person who is injured is not usually the one who gets arrested. Maybe you should explain. IF some of the info about you on this site is true, and I said “IF”, you should consider cleaning up your act.

  23. Something tell me JamesVa that you are a person that thinks you have never done anything wrong in your life. You criticize people doing porn yet you come to a blog that talks about porn all the time but that is OK to you. I think by now you can’t possibility have a piece of glass left in that glass house you live in.
    BTW no one is in any place to make excuses for Solomon. He will have to pay just like anyone else will for breaking the law. However, just because he was arrested doesn’t mean he can’t find work in porn and he has what it takes to do porn which doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see.

  24. Sorry, was not intended. So I present my apologies. And not, I am not a genius on Google. Privacy these days is a commodity rare to find and real expensive to get. Images are just like the finger print of people once they are up in the net.

  25. =========================
    Edited by Men of Porn – No links please as this includes the real name of Solomon. Thank you for your understanding.

  26. This is a really bad boy, very notty. I’ve got to admit though that it’s tempting to reveal the name, coz once we read news like this we want to learn the truth as a whole not just half. Don’t know the US laws, I’m european but this guys info is available on-line. Gave a hint. Za za got it?

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