9 thoughts on “Skye Woods on XTube? (tip @ Matthew)

  1. Yeech. This guy is not in the least appealing. Never understood why he continues to be in porn.

  2. This guy grosses me out, for some reason. Maybe it’s the roids, or the great big mastodon hippo-ass, which does not look good on his body.

  3. I always enjoyed watching his giant ass get fucked. I think Tom Chase did it best at Colt. But I’m not a fan of the heels and stockings

  4. HIs body and ass are amazing and I love the female stockings!!
    However the face keeps me from having a boner.
    But the pictures where you don’t know it’s him, like the one with the easter eggs, are fucking beautiful.
    I wish we had a new guy with a body like his…and a more masculine face

  5. man you just nailed what i was thinking down to the point!
    Except I just don’t want a new one, we need multiple more guys willing.
    Im shocked that with all of those eggs he laid–one wasn’t black.

  6. Watch and learn….that second clip is what we call a prostate milking to anal orgasm….NICE!

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