This should be the common theme at Jake Cruise

I think Jake Cruise was created for Jake to have fun with younger men. If he was not available for a shoot, the alternate should look older than his scene partner.

Take for example the 4 last updates – older man paired with a younger man.


It shoudn't pair-up models, more or less, of the same age since it will look like Jake Cruise's other site – Cocksure Men.

Take for example the Jessy Ares and Trenton Ducati scene. These scenes should be placed at Cocksure Men.


The theme should be consistent – older man with a younger man.

10 thoughts on “This should be the common theme at Jake Cruise

  1. I’d know that little Latin cutie getting fucked by the old dude anywhere; that’s Joey Rodriguez!

  2. To each his own, but watching a guy who looks like my grandfather sucking a young guys cock is an instant boner killer for me.

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