14 day testing not enough according to Rod Daily (tip @ Nico)

The couple, Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, believes that testing every 14 days was not enough and that condom use should be an option.


What do you think is the best solution to this problem?

40 thoughts on “14 day testing not enough according to Rod Daily (tip @ Nico)

  1. Oy Vey… here we go again. The answer is people be responsible for their actions. Obviously if you get tested, have a negative test and then go out and have unsafe sex that’s not smart. As I’ve said before it’s perfectly safe to have BB sex if you get tested and take precautions to stay that way. That means if you are going to have sex with someone who you aren’t sure of their status, you use a condom. The caption on the photo says Rod Daily became infected “while working in the adult industry”… well, I’ve don’t know of any video that Rod Daily has done bareback… Studios need to set up appropriate protocols if they do bareback… I believe CF, Chaosmen and Sean Cody have… obviously some of the straight studios haven’t. I wouldn’t take advice from someone who is HIV+ on how to stay negative. Obviously they couldn’t.

  2. First let me say, that I am NOT a fan of BB porn, and I do think condoms should be used. However, get real, so far ALL of their scene partners have tested neg. Therefor they could not have gotten in on set! Don’t blame the industry for your infection if you didn’t get it that way. Getting in your personal sex life is one issue, but blaming it on the industry isn’t the answer. It’s just misdirection.

  3. Hopefully this will begin to build up the pressure on the Porn Studios to reverse the trend toward more and more BB risky sex. Even with the new more advanced tests a negative result for a model only means that as of 1-3 weeks prior to the test he/she was negative. There is still the time gap of as much as 3 weeks when an infection won’t be detected. Many young people can have a lot of sex with different people in 3 weeks and a lot of young people have a false sense of invincibility. They often believe that it is other people who get sick/infected. For that reason alone wearing a condom should be required by the Porn Studios. Every health professional in the USA who works in the field of HIV/AIDS transmission and treatment strongly recommend the use of condoms. Even the makers of Truvada, a medicine that greatly reduces the possibility of HIV infection, recommends that it be taken in combination with the use of a condom. I don’t understand the demand for BB scenes from viewers of porn when it might negatively impact the health of some of these young porn models for a lifetime.

  4. Although I am one of the commenters on this blog who frequently defends bareback porn, I will tell you this. If you have ever consoled a person who just found out they been infected, (I have several) then you can definitely appreciate the gravity of the consequences of HIV.
    What I am advocating is freedom of choice, not unsafe practices. The freedom of people who, having taken many reasonable precautions, can choose to perform bareback scenes. Yes, the inclusion condoms with those precautions would greatly minimize the risk of injury. But so would taking the tires off your car, unplugging your stove from the gas line, and never leaving your house.
    Degrees of caution have to be measured with desired outcomes. And while only the most hedonistic among us would argue that watching bareback is more important than the ruination of someone’s health, I am suggestion that you look at the practice of safe sex in it’s totality. And focusing all your faith on one aspect, a piece of latex, is as myopic and short-sided as holding up a quarter to prevent skin cancer and block out the sun.

  5. Where are all the “testing, testing, testing” chants now? It’s as if people have been taking stupid pills for years as porn studios and pro-bareback supporters laughably claimed that they knew best. Oh, and they test regularly. They TEST! Since when does testing actually prevent anything? For some reason, young gay men are under the impression that testing is an effective method of avoiding infection. But to anyone with a brain, it’s obviously not. Testing simply identifies once someone has been infected. Well, by then it’s too damned late for you.

  6. Testing regularly can be highly effecting PRESUMING other criteria can be met (some of it, admittedly, highly improbable). For instance, You have to trust that these performers are not out and about, fucking untested people while they are not on the set. You have to trust that they are only engaging in sexual conduct with a limited control group, in which all participants are clean and regularly tested. We’re talking about 20 and 30-something yo men who in addition to porn are escorting, stripping, modeling, and are engaging in encounters with men, women, trannies, etc (basically, everybody. Oh, and the biggest unpredictable element—DRUG USE.

  7. He didn’t do gay bareback sex on camera, she had unprotected sex on camera with multiple dudes, they both escort for men, they both have unprotected sex with each other, they’re not monogamous. Now they have HIV. How is this the industry’s fault with their 14 day testing policy?

  8. @Dean, EXACTLY! @Russe, thanks for posting that URL – very informative. These people are professional… it’s their job to follow protocols. If you’re in the porn business, get tested and ensure your partners do the same – then you’re safe to BB. If you aren’t sure, use a condom. If you don’t have the self control to follow protocol get another job. If you know of someone who is breaking the rules, turn them in and get them fired. This is just a case of somebody being careless and blaming their bad judgement on someone else.

  9. My guess is that the AHF will pay their medicine bills if Rod Daily and Cameron Bay participate in bringing that organization’s message (mandatory condom use) to public attention and give it some kind of urgency. However, as is said here above, the likelihood that these two performers were infected on a porn set is very, very small. Rod Daily’s gay porn scenes were all with a condom. Cameron Bay’s scene partners were tested and retested and none of them tested positive.
    It would be much braver in my opinion if Rod Daily and Cameron Bay told the world how they really became HIV+. But that would probably not pay any bills.

  10. You can’t do BB “perfectly safe”. Bottom line is you would have to trust another person didn’t cheat on you. Sure, lots of people gamble and win, but plenty think they are being perfectly safe, when their partner is putting them at risk.

  11. You’re right Dean. He didn’t get HIV from gay porn, because he wore a condom for every scene.
    Says it all really.

  12. O.M.Gosh!!,..I bet John Elway and his Denver Broncos are delighted to see HIV+ Porn-Star – Rod promoting the Mile-High NFL Team. LOL!!
    Solution??….There’s really NONE since the industry relies on a test procedure that is known to have their own percentage of failure. I am certain a reputable company like CF would NEVER permit a model to perform without signing an acknowledgement of RISK and a release of LIABILITIES against the Studio.
    “BB” is like a kid playing with matches…eventually, the house will be in flames. 🙁 🙁

  13. My thoughts exactly. What is really sad though is reading the comments in the main article and most automatically assume that having gay sex equals AIDS.

  14. I agree with a lot of these comments. Why is it when a person who happens to be a porn star gets HIV we are supposed to blame porn? DO these people never have sex outside of porn? I thought this the very day Rod Daily announced his status, “Well I have only seen him bareback once and it was in ‘I’ll fuck your wife if you fuck mine’ and that was at least 2 years ago… other than that ive only seen him wear condoms in scenes…so Why am i supposed to assume he got infected in porn?” I think its just easier for the puritans to blame porn…

  15. Well, surprise, surprise… the infections didn’t happen on the set. They happened in their personal lives. The AHF little condom campaign is going to backfire… just like the governments war on Marijuana. You need to tell people the truth. Condoms are essential if you don’t know the status of your partner, however if you do know the status, they aren’t needed.
    Testing is safe and reliable… it is what protects the blood supply. There is an endless list of bareback performers who are negative. Jenna Jameson for one, add the cast of models at CF, Sean Cody and Chaos. I’m also sure you’ll see the same from Lucas Entertainment. As in everything, you have to be responsible and hold people accountable.
    The other thing that is ridiculous is the idea that when people see bareback porn they mindlessly go out and have unsafe sex. Recently some congressman blamed the Navy shootings on the new Grand Thief Auto game… again, people have to accept responsibility. Blaming video games or movies is just idiotic. Do we ban alcohol because some people are alcoholics? That was tried with prohibition, and we saw what happened.

  16. Hello-
    while i am by no means advocating reckless irresponsible
    behavior i kind of agree with Orpheus. after all if a porn
    star gay or straight tests positive who’s to say they got
    exposed on a porn set? this is held up by the fact stated
    above that all of Dailey and Bay’s recent porn set partners
    have tested negative.

  17. Orpheus, you hit the nail on the head. The fact is that the testing did what it was suppose to do…it alerted these people they were positive and prevented them from potentially infecting other partners. For Daily and Bay to come out saying condoms should be mandatory in adult films is kinda rich especially since they didn’t catch HIV on the set. I actually find their behaviour (and that of the AHF) kind of douchey – blaming bareback sex in films for their HIV infection – when they didn’t catch HIV on a film. The bottom line is that they were careless and irresponsible in their private lives and are trying to blame their employers. The fact that the AHF is complicit in this canard is reprehensible. It just hurts their credibility.
    As mentioned above, there are plenty of models who have done bareback in films and are healthy and HIV-. Why? Because they are responsible individuals.

  18. Your argument is looser than your ass-pussy, Gary.
    If anything your argument reinforces the need for condoms on set for the “responsible” performers, who are threatened by flagrantly irresponsible people who carry the virus. You can’t assume a test is going to protect people.
    As if the disease has a morality strain, that detects when a person is “responsible”…it is a social disease, anyone can contract it from BAREBACK sex.
    Your chances are greatly reduced with a condom, regardless of your personal preferences and history.
    Rod Daily had sex with numerous gay performers, some with HIV, with a condom-and only contracted the disease when he practiced bareback sex with his girlfriend-a straight performer who has unprotected sex on set and OFF set.
    Don’t you see the fallacy of your argument?
    The STRAIGHT actress, with a history of unprotected sex, IS THE CARRIER of the virus. Rod contracted from (straight) unprotected sex!
    Unprotected sex is the problem, not the testing, nor the amount of sexual behavior or the types of sexual behaviors.

  19. Consider this, if the past 30 days you worked 15 days of the week in porn, and the rest of the time working out and “reserving” yourself for sex on set–you don’t have much of a sex life outside of porn.
    Additionally, if the strain is identified earlier in the infection process, they can do tests to show who contaminated who. The strain mutates after a certain period in a host, after which is more difficult to identify where the original host was. They detected both Rod and Cameron within weeks of the transmission, and they know who contaminated whom.

  20. There is some speculation that it may have been transmitted on set, but there isn’t any official proof yet.
    So the jury is out on where Cameron contracted the disease.
    It has been shown that Rod didn’t contract it first, he had numerous tests that shown he wasn’t infected prior to Cameron’s notification-he was the recipient of the virus from Cameron, NOT the carrier.

  21. If the performers are carrying the virus and continue to work without proper notification(which has been a problem in porn for years) well, that is another reason why the Testing system/blacklist policy cannot work.
    Besides with the rampant drug use of porn performers, you might want to make sure those who aren’t “irresponsible” get infected from people who don’t give a shit!

  22. The Moratorium, is a “wait and see” approach-which is despicable.
    Condoms work 98% of the time. Testing doesn’t.
    It only notifies people of infections.
    You should utilize both.

  23. @Sheesh: Unprotected sex isn’t the problem. Unsafe sex is the problem.
    1. If you can’t expect a test to protect people then I guess the nations blood supply is at risk since that is the method used.
    2. You can’t contact HIV from someone who is HIV-. You catch it by being irresponsible. If you cross the street without looking both ways, you get hit by a car.
    3. Rod Daily used condoms on the set and it didn’t protect him from catching HIV.
    4. You don’t know how Daily caught the virus. That is pure speculation on your part. He could have caught it from using a condom with a hole in it for all we know.
    5. Condoms aren’t the end all, be all. They are obviously useful when you don’t know the HIV status of your partner. If you have been tested, are HIV- and don’t go out having unprotected sex with people who you don’t know the HIV status, you’re safe to bareback.
    6. Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and Chaosmen haven’t had a reported case of HIV with their models. Why, because they and their models are professionals and practice safe sex.

  24. None of Cameron’s on screen partners are HIV+, so it is impossible for them to have given her the virus.

  25. It is never really safe to BB. Are you so stupid that you don’t understand that there is a period of 1-3 weeks in which the HIV cannot be detected. Keep pushing your BB Agenda while knowing that not a single health professional who deals with HIV/Aids transmission and treatment agrees with your RISKY ADVICE. You are encouraging young guys to risk their health for your pleasure. But you and others like you could care less .

  26. You speak the truth. The BB agenda folks don’t want to listen because they get more aroused watching BB porn than condom porn. As far as they are concerned it is all about their selfish interest. The health of the models be damned.

  27. Keep pushing you BB Agenda all the while knowing that NOT A SINGLE HEALTH PROFESSIONAL WHO DEALS WITH THE TRANSMISSDION AND TREATMENT OF HIV/AIDS AGREES WITH YOU. You and people of your ILK don’t care as long as you get off!!!

  28. You just keep pushing your BB Agenda knowing full well that there is not a SINGLE professional who deals with the transmission and treatment of HIV/AIDS who agrees with you. As long as you and your ILK get off, that is all you care about!!!

  29. You continue to push your BB Agenda knowing full well that there is a period of 1-3 weeks when the infection does not manifest itself. You and your ilk could care less about the lifetime health of the models as long as you get off!!! You disgust me.

  30. Having “condom free sex” certainly open you up to HIV/AIDS and other STD infections. If you don’t know that, you are a moron.

  31. “If you aren’t sure, use a condom”. Finally you admit the truth. None of us can ever really be sure what our sex partners have been up to, and thus we SHOULD ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. So glad that you have finally come around to reality!!!

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