Blood Bath with Parker London (tip @ Artu)

There hasn't been a scene released this year that included Parker London. In porn, he had sex with men, women, and transsexuals, with condoms and without condoms.

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Parker London is back, not in porn, but with a new album. It was reported in 2010 that Parker was the lead singer of a band. This year (July 06, 2013), with a new band name called Black Blinds, a music video called Blood Bath was shared on You Tube (comments closed).


7 thoughts on “Blood Bath with Parker London (tip @ Artu)

  1. NOW!!,…Didn’t Parker London announce his retirement from PORN last year while working for BoundGods ( ??? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. I always sort of wonder how(or any of the trillions of guys like him)his buddies and bandmates reacted to porn modelling…let’s hope they weren’t idiots about it. I think fewer people in the younger generation are. Hell, the other guy in the band is kind of cute too, he should ask Parker for a reference to do some porn himself.
    Some of us girls think it’s adorable, anyway..but I guess he already has a girlfriend.
    PS Your current band is interesting sounding, and better than your previous(slightly whiney) emo band.

  3. He must really not want to be tied to the porn thing…beard, glasses, everything but a burka. Interesting band indeed, the emo thing was stupid. He’s working an accent and diving into what sounds like Classix Nouveau-type New Romantic stuff. A bit dated to be sure, but musically a step up. At least he didn’t go all Colton Ford on us…(eeew.)

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