Cole of Fratmen will bottom for Bryan Cavallo

The scene will be released next month.

From Gay Hoopla "Next month you will get to see COLE bottom as he takes it like a champ while CODY fucks him hard." Cole is a former Fratmen who did live shows at Flirt4Free. Cody, on the other hand is Bryan Cavallo of College Dudes or just Bryan at Corbin Fisher.


For the meantime, Gay Hoopla released the scene of Cody as bottom to Cole. It has been a long time since Cody/Bryan got fucked (07/26/2012).


They used a condom.


But, in the last scene released of Bryan Cavallo at College Dudes. He had a raw scene with Brad McCallister.


10 thoughts on “Cole of Fratmen will bottom for Bryan Cavallo

  1. Wow those two are really hot, though I don’t think the action will be that good considering they’re both so obviously straight and the bottom can’t maintain a hard-on. Still, if they have more guys like these on the site, I think this new site will have it made.

  2. How do you ever forget where Bryan Cavallo started at? He was just Bryan at Corbin Fisher? I guess he has been at Collegedudes so long that people forget he started at Corbinfisher.

  3. I’m afraid you are right, the action’s not that great.
    Since there is only one camera, the view we see in the 2nd pic from the top is pretty much all we get. There was a third person in the room (presumably Landon/Leo) who moved the camera to show the penetration moment then put the camera back on the table. The entire scene does seem to be shot in real time in one continuous take, which may be its one saving grace.
    In a 28+ minute scene only 5 minutes are penetration. Unfortunately Bryan only bent over and did not touch himself or cum – it appears Landon had Cole, Bryan, and Logan Vaughn shooting 7-8 scenes in Florida in a 3-4 day window so Bryan might have had to save his cum 🙁 It also seems ridiculous what is essentially one flip-flop is being released a month apart as two scenes.
    Cole’s topping is very tentative. Sadly the cumshot is poorly captured by the camera. I am a huge fan of cumshot closeups so…. I can only hope now that Cole agreed to top/bottom he will move on to CF.

  4. I love Bryan Cavallo simply because he started his PORN career at CF. LOL!!
    Delighted he’s working with FM-Cole. Both guys make for a great pairing.
    Thanks DENZ for the heads-up on Bryan

  5. Said it before and I’ll say it again: There was no other clip HOTTER than this one ( where Bryan got BANGED HARD bareback and his expressions while cumming were PRICELESS!!!
    Meanwhile…as is Cavallo’s trend…once he barebacks he pulls a Copperfield and disappears from the site – like taking the money and running! So I’m going to guess that his days are numbered at CD247. Shame about his extracurriculars because he really is a hot man….also too bad these straight guys think they can make all this money making limped dick, sad sack, third rate porn with a homemade camera. JUST. SAD.

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