Damn That’s Big’s new competition is Thick and Big

Damn That's Big is part of the megasite Gay Room.


Its new competition is Thick and Big.


However, both porn sites are owned by the same owners. Is it good business to have two sites with the same theme in direct competition with one another?

The difference is that Thick and Big is not part of a megasite. Therefore content will be exclusive and it adds 1 or two scenes a week for $29.95/month. But for the same price, a membership at Damn That's Big gives you access to other sites within Gay Room.


The allure of exclusive content might tempt you join the site. Unfortunately, I've seen this before with the owner's other site Man Royale, which I thought when it started that its content will be exclusive.

Man Royale updates VERSUS Gay Room updates


3 thoughts on “Damn That’s Big’s new competition is Thick and Big

  1. Seems to be some truth to that…. Even worse are those sites that steel recycled scenes under different names or studios.

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