Do you want CF to bring back bi scenes?

Let Corbin Fisher know you want it back.


CF Sidekick sent this comment on this postWe are considering bringing the bi-scenes back.
As you might guess, they cost the most to produce of anything we shoot –
the guys get paid more to have sex with each other than they do with
the girl, plus the cost of the girl…. and the audience is a bit more
limited because some of our customers just don’t want to see a girl
naked under any circumstances…. but like I said, we are evaluating it.
The bi-scenes serve a dual purpose for us as well — they make a nice
“baby step” for some of the guys who are reluctant to jump straight into
a scene with another guy.
Please send us feedback if you are interested in seeing more bi content.

25 thoughts on “Do you want CF to bring back bi scenes?

  1. I’ve just replied to @CF_Sidekick in that post. Bring back if CF can, no if CF can’t. A business is ain’t a charity.

  2. Voting on whether or not we need to see women in gay porn? seriously? And quite frankly, if the gay4payers are so reluctant to have gay sex with another man, that the motivation of a paycheck does not suffice (they also need a vagina in the vicinity) then perhaps they need to find other work. We are fed up (or should be).

  3. Isn’t that the appeal of these sites though (SC, CF, NDS, Chaos, etc.)? To see straight guys go gay? I’m sure these bi and straight scenes are a helpful step to get them comfortable to make fully gay scenes, and also help reinforce that these guys are not in-fact gay, but doing gay things. I’m not one of their customers or part of their demographic at all, but I can see why others would like it. This is, in fact, where the money is at. The sites I listed are THE most popular gay porn studios, period. And their schtick is gay4pay/straight guys going gay. Go figure.

  4. I agree with Dean and I was an ACS member for years, til I couldn’t afford so many porn sites.
    My only other quibble with CF Sidekick is that I’d hope they don’t pay their females as much as they pay the guys because the quality of their chics isn’t nearly as high as the guys, tho I’ll admit it seems better here lately.

  5. I’d rather CF did not bother with Bi-porn, there’s just too many sexual dynamics that can bother me (i.e. why won’t he suck dick or get fucked?). I also wish that we didn’t have to go through this whole “breaking in” process — it’d be nice if studios were a bit more insistent with their talent that they either put out or are put out (I’m looking at you Sean Cody’s Brandon).

  6. In the early years of CF, it was kind of hot watching the “straightish” dudes fuck a girl. They boys seemed really into it, even if the girls were always on the plain side.
    But now these guys will fuck another dude after one or two shoots, no problem. So I can do without the fish tacos.

  7. Straight men do not pay for girl-on-girl porn, and then pay for an additional session to watch reluctant girls ‘get eased into it’ by a male participant…
    If she’s that reluctant, she should not be doing it.
    Don’t expect us to pay for your ‘training process’.
    Seriously, I don’t mind gay4payers, but I think we gay men are way too tolerant of people who have an aversion to our sexual orientation.
    If you’re straight and wanna do gay porn, fine-But it should not cost me additional money to coerce you, indoctrinate you, get you drunk, beg you, offer you women, etc.

  8. Just hire more gay guys – for once I’d like to subscribe to a site that wasn’t a bunch of small clips edited together to look continuous. If you could provide the continuous action Brazzers shoots, they’d probably get more subscribers.

  9. I’m a bi man, and my biggest complaint about the CF bi scenes –in fact, the straight ones too– is that the girls really aren’t all that attractive. If CF got some hot new girls to go along with their stallions, I’d be all into that shit!

  10. I’m confused. From a numbers stand point there have to be way more bi guys/gals in the consumer marketplace than gay guys. Why not just launch a separate bi site? Why force us gay guys to endure bi scenes on a site intended for us? I’m not offended by the female form but is it really unreasonable of me not to want to see women in gay porn?

  11. Bi porn has really only met with limited success. You’re trying to appeal to two very different demographics that ordinarliy wouldn’t watch each others films. Not surprisingly it’s bi folks that get into this but that market is not big and from a cost perspective not really worth it.
    The answer for me would be no.

  12. As a bi man I’m not surprised by this poll. There isn’t another site out there that does bi porn as well as CF. If there was one I would gladly pay big bucks for it. It’s not like CF stuffs their bi content down gay mens throats. You don’t have to pay for it, or watch it if you don’t want to. If you can watch guys fuck girls on ACS then why not some bi content for those of us who want to get off 🙂

  13. I really am surprised to hear that bi porn is considered some sort of niche. I’m gay so I never really paid it much mind but I just assumed that it was the largest portion of non-straight porn. Judging from the Kinsey scale (and the # of bi performers in gay porn) the # of bi men must dwarf the # of strictly homosexual men. Why ask gay men their opinion on putting women on the site? Wouldn’t there be millions of bi men clamouring for their own site, one with content that appeals to them?

  14. I’m not really that interested in ACS in the first place, so whatever they decide to do is fine with me – they must be making some kind of money on it or else wouldn’t keep it around. I wouldn’t buy a membership regardless of what they do. I’m only interested in ACM.

  15. I have a full membership with CF, and would surely welcome the bi scenes, which I would much prefer to the current straight scenes in ACS. If only Cain, Lucas or Dawson came back…any chance they will???

  16. ACS is a separate site, so anyone who doesn’t want to see guys w/girls doesn’t have too. Gay men do not have to pay anymore for porn for the BI scenes. I miss them and I’m sure many others have also, because they are putting the question out there.

  17. I terminated my membership about a week ago. I enjoyed the bi scenes, but bringing them back won’t bring me back to CF. Bringing back Dawson would.

  18. Why don’t CF just maintain ACS as a Str8 Sex website,..and reintroduce their **GGB (GuysGoneBi) site for those who enjoy Bi-Sexual scenes with the Corbies.
    **GGB began posting EXCLUSIVE HD720p contents (Not found @ ACS) back in Feb 2011…but ceased updating in Sept and shut-down in December that same year.

  19. Don’t forget guys,…CF already has a website devoted for their Str8 porn customers called CF-Coed….so there really isn’t any need to keep ACS active.

  20. CF has never truly had ‘bisexual’ porn..I would consider actual bi porn to be where the male and female get equal attention. With CF GGB it was always obvious that the female was only there to facilitate action between the two men–She is a prop piece. Even if the 2 guys pounded her, the main focus was them pounding one another.

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