27 thoughts on “Gabriel D’Alessandro admitted on Dr Phil that he is a sex addict (tip @ Seaguy)

  1. Even if they are a real couple, I don’t believe there’s any “anguish” there. They’re just looking for publicity and the freebies of being a talk show guest.

  2. Wow – I loved Gabriel as a bottom (his scene with Hot Rod is outstanding!), I almost cannot believe he is not 100% GAY!! For a G4P or bi, this guy knows how to take a pounding (and often bareback too!)

  3. Kurt, I’m with you. The real thing I think these two are addicted to is attention. And they have kids, which just makes it creepy.

  4. Many therapist don’t consider sex addiction as a real sickness now. It’s not even recognized by the american psychiatric association(hypersexual disorder) It has been repeatedly rejected for inclusion in the DSM5, the current “bible” of diagnostic categories for mental health.

  5. Sex like food, alcohol and drugs can be addictive if the person in question is unable to excerise any form of self control over it. The fact that many therapists don’t see it that way is something I find rather baffling.
    Getting back to Gabriel D’Alessandro. He’s in real danger of getting HIV when you consider that he does sex scenes with men, women and transgender performers and on occasion without any protection at all. Given his admittance to having a sex addiction, it’s anyone’s guess what he does in his personal life too.
    Most performers in the business view it as a business first, pleasure second. If being in the business is feeding his addiction, he may want to think about getting out before something really goes wrong for him. Both he and his wife have problems and they’ve admitted to it which is the first step. Here’s hoping they get the treatment they both need in order to make it through…….

  6. They are both attention whores. Both of them got in legal trouble for selling fake designer bags a few years ago. The kids are the ones to feel sorry for in this story, which brings up another point, Gabriel and his wife are both stage parents pushing their kids into acting.

  7. He’s ugly and skanky at the same time. With an undeveloped 12-year-old chest like that, he’s not worthy of gay porn. I’m so disgusted by him that I paused my remembrance of those who were killed, maimed, traumatized and constipated on 9/11 to write this. May we remember those who fought for our freedom or just happened to get in the way and are now dust.

  8. I s’pose when you are as butt-ugly as this guy Gabriel is, you need lots of sex to validate some sense of self worth and attractiveness, which works briefly then you need to have more to keep on proving the point, and be less aware of how ugly everybody really finds you. 3000 partners….yeh right! his estimate no-one elses.Many gay men not in the pron industry could claim more.

  9. Boring fame whore. Not a particularly attractive guy. He’s always horny and so the studios call him. Yawn.

  10. Yeah, I don’t think this guy or his wife have a “serious problem” beyond being attention sluts. I feel for their unfortunate kids.

  11. Well. at last they would be good neighbors… you could ring the bell at their home and immediatly go to daddy’s bedroom…Then, after ‘ bedroom ‘ you could drink a glass ( or maybe a bottle ) of wine with mammy in the kitchen.

  12. I missed the airing of the show and Dr. Phil episodes are not available on demand or online that I can find so if anyone has the show or know where it is available please share.

  13. OH MY GOD!!!!!!
    Didn’t someone HERE on this blog say in the comments that he was a friend of Gabriel??? It was in a thread on Rocco Reed!!! He said that Rocco told Gabriel about wanting to do gay porn. Gabriel and Rocco were in PORNOdy of The Big Bang Theory.

  14. LOL WOW he says he’s NOT gay or bisexual. It’s just because he’s a “sex addict” that he has sex with men. What a cunt. lol

  15. It’s funny how he seems to think that appearance on Dr. Phil is going to fix everything between him and the wife…Please that slut loves getting fucked bare.

  16. not sure, but maybe he doesn’t considerer himself gay because he wouldn’t have a relationship with a men?

  17. Gabriel D’Alessandro being fucked by Antonio Biaggi is the hottest video I have ever seen! It’s on a par with true Art! However, some of his stuff seems a bit of a comedown, but I guess he has to pay the bills!
    I don’t believe he loves his wife though. More like she was his ticket to becoming an American citizen (sic)

  18. Gabriel will have a bit of explaining to do to his kids in years to come, especially when the view this vid

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  19. Gabriel can say he is straight all he wants but when you do gay porn and bottom 90% of the time bareback and often being double penetrated you are not straight..

  20. That guy always struck me as the gayest gay porn star ever, who was more hungry for cock than money come buy. I think that going on television with a story like this makes him a bigger whore than getting plugged at both ends though…it’s cheap.

  21. He had a talented cunt for other men.
    That’s his purpose.
    He needs to stick to offering his cunt up to other men . He’s at his hottest doing that.

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