11 thoughts on “Goodluck to Jasper Robinson! He is going back to school (tip @ Dutch Dude)

  1. Denz
    Hahaha, I’ve just realized that you’ve closed the comments for the recent Sean Cody’s Hudson post! Is this censure coming from Sean Cody himself?, since the other porn blogs out there with anything Sean Cody have their comments section closed as well. I believe this must be because of the recent Stu and Jarek scene.
    So will you close comments for future SC posts?

  2. He’s young, so it makes sense that he thinks school will give him a better life. Then when he gets older, he’ll realize it’s all bullshat, a big scam, the game of life is rigged to benefit the few with power. But good luck to him.

  3. What are you his mother? This is part of the reason gay men are not using condoms is they get sick and tired of people who have no business preaching to them doing just that.

  4. Way to go, Jasper! I’m doing the same thing! Can’t let my sisters be the only ones in my family with a four-year degree!

  5. It’s not just Denz. WayBig has done the same thing. From I’m hearing, someone on the WB blog put out Coleman’s real name and place of business.

  6. You sound like my friend whom recently graduated. She said that they pump your head up to finish school only to find out that you can have a degree and still be jobless.

  7. Not his mother or father, just a gay man with a few friends whose lives have been negatively impacted by HIV infection, so I pass along the suggestion (not preaching) that using a condom is the smart thing to do.

  8. OK I am officially not mainstream and I must be “weird” because this guy Jasper is just plain butt-ugly he is in fact ugly enough to turn a man off from being gay. It is beyond me how anyone would want to have sex with him, let alone pay money to watch some poor schmuck being paid to have sex with him.WTF!!

  9. I just opted for the closed comment on that post to avoid the temptation of including in the comment section his non name.
    I hope you guys would understand.

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