High Performance Men’s latest condom scene

With all the talk about bareback, High Performance Men prided themselves for producing scenes that showed sex with a condom. But, they didn’t say if it was safer 🙂


Their latest was with Zeb Atlas and Logan Vaughn.


I am curios if this scene was part of a series with Zeb Atlas. When I checked for this link in my affiliate account, it was labelled as Worshipping Zeb Atlas – scene 1.

3 thoughts on “High Performance Men’s latest condom scene

  1. Does Zeb Atlas really have fans? He looks gross, distorted, ballooned and non-human. He’s extremely unattractive looking, sort of like a big blown up marshmallow man. Plus, any one who’s ever encountered him knows he’s a big douchebag. He’s the type of guy that gives all gay-4-payers a bad name. Logan, on the other hand, looks great these days. He’s really worked on his body and it’s paid off!

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