Hot or not? Stu of Sean Cody

Stu is back at Sean Cody after his last scene released six months ago. We've seen him as top and a bottom. Now, he got more intimate with Jarek.

Hot_or_not_stu_seancody_03 Hot_or_not_stu_seancody_04 

Do you find Stu hot or not?

If your answer was no or undecided, please visit your psychiatrist or eye doctor 🙂

16 thoughts on “Hot or not? Stu of Sean Cody

  1. Denz, you’re asking the bleeding obvious. SeanCody is the no.1 studio at the moment. Hot is an understatement. I think those ‘no’ and ‘undecided’ belongs to the ‘Cockyboys’ cult.

  2. Hot is an understatement. Handsome face, perfectly sculpted muscular body, awesome abs, great cock, sweet smile and a wholesome personality. The perfect SC model look.

  3. I guess I have to visit a psycharatrist because I don’t see anything special with “stu.” He is very much an average looking guy.

  4. Alex, I don’t think you need a psycharatrist at all. Maybe you could visit an optomaromatrist because it may be catarataracts.

  5. I don’t want to be a smart ass, but I think some spelling lessons are in order for you and Alex. I guess he meant psychiatrist and you meant optometrist. However,I do agree with your opinion that Alex doesn’t see that Stu is a beautiful muscular guy, he does need to see an eye doctor. LOL!

  6. I looove sexy dark eyes and pronounced, dark eyebrows. My ex was Egyptian and he had those bedroom eyes..He’s hot in my book!

  7. Prepare to never see him again courtesy of the freaks who obsessively stalk guys like him. He got outed thanks to the cesspool of clowns at Waybig as usual.

  8. I believe you are right. This scene is now talked about in every porn blog possible. Very likely Stu will not be back. Those wankers and stalkers have really done him in. Fuck them all.

  9. Stu is model the activity on other sites?
    I saw him at only one site in “sean cody.”

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