Liam Magnusson [twitter] just tweeted about his new love. But, he is keeping the relationship under wraps.


In a few hours, his first scene as a bottom will be released.


According to MEN, they recently filmed another top’s first time as a bottom “Well, last week we filmed Top to Bottom 4.  All I’m going to tell you is that this top to bottom features the TOP we’ve had the most requests (and a little begging to be honest) to get fucked.  Not only did mystery-porn-star take it like a champion, but he got fucked by a 9” super cock!  Guess who!?” Is it Colby Jansen?

12 thoughts on “Liam Magnusson in love

  1. If more people kept their relationships off of social media more people would stay in relationships.

  2. The most requested was definitely Colby Jansen.
    Zeb ATlas was also requested a few months ago but hasn’t filmed with MEN for months so people gave up.
    Can’t wait for top to bottom 4.

  3. Awwwww… good for Liam!
    As far as top to bottom 4, I agree – it has to be Colby Jansen. If not, we’ve been rooked! LOL…

  4. Now I want to know how messy was the last breakup.
    Nothing says “Love” like having sex with someone else. /s

  5. Colby Jansen is a very good guess. My next guess would be Topher, altho I would rather see the former than the latter.

  6. specially flew Topher to the UK to do a number of scenes, I’m sure they want to get maximise their money out of him, so I also think its Topher too……and about time too!!

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