12 thoughts on “Size difference between Austin Wolf and Brett Swanson

  1. I don’t mind it, as long as it’s the little guy bottoming.I once saw a porn with a little twink trying to mount a 6’5 behemoth with the body of a linebacker–It was just awkward to watch. It was like the giant had a fly on his back.

  2. Lol funny way to put it, but yeah. I absolutely love big size differences like this between the top and bottom, particularly when the top is really big and the bottom is smaller. It’s not very common though.

  3. Austin Wolf should never bottom…if he ever does, then it should be with another muscular model. I know he’s a cutie, but I would like to see him get dirtier during his sex scenes, be more in charge and make the bottom his bitch…

  4. I love the size difference in this scene – very hot! Is it that Austin is that tall or Brett that short? Regardless, this type of pairing never ceases to excite!

  5. I like size differences. I especially like it when a really muscular guy gives it up to a tall skinny guy with a big cock.

  6. Well for me it depends. While I did think it was weird for 5’7″ Tommy Brandt to topn 6’5″ Maxx Diesel in “Tommy’s Tale” or 5’5″ Gabriel Cross/Ross topping 6’4″ Ben Taylor or even 5’7″ Ali topping 6’1″ Jake Andrews on Cocksuremen, I must say I loved to watch 5’7″ Bailey (Todd Morgan) top his big friend Jess on Sean Cody’s “Bailey’s Fuck Buddy”.

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