14 thoughts on “Stu of SC VERSUS Smith of CF

  1. Corbin Fisher has not been doing it for me lately. I saw a scene with Dawson fucking Cooper, and it was completely underwhelming. Dawson looked as if he was bored, and basically just parked his dick in Cooper’s ass, with minimal thrusting. My membership expires in a month, and I don’t think I’ll renew. Sean Cody, on the other hand, has really stepped their game up.

  2. I love watching Jarek bottom. He’s an average, not that memorable top, but I like watching him get fucked.

  3. that sucks my membership expired 2 days ago and there 1 day sale is over thats the only time I subscribe lately.now if they can share models Stu with Smith would be so hot.or Smith getting pounded with the big guys Aidan or Cain 😉

  4. SC has such bad editing, they just film the guys fucking in four positions, chop up the scenes, repaste them in random order, upload them and call it wrap. So SC not hot. Unwatchable
    Love Smith. CF at least has some semblance of a beginning and an ending resembles a porn sequence and fantasy, But I agree with the other post, cf is losing their energy,
    SC thumbs down, CF reluctant thumbs up.

  5. I love Stu, but he sgetting too big for a short guy like him. Also he should be bottom for those bubble butts he has. Wanna see a dp scene where Stu get ploughed by Jess and Brandon.
    Smith is hot, but the choice of having Zeb as a top is just wrong. Zeb is lovely bottom which we can notice that he couldnt get a full hard on when he tops.
    So it s a tie.

  6. Wasn’t too long ago that we could look forward to Smith getting tapped by the big boys like Dawson, Cain, Connor, and Aiden. Looks like those days are over.

  7. Stu and Jarek is much better. That one has 2 cum scenes for each, a cum in the ass and 2cums while getting f@cked. Smith came on his own while Zeb was jacking himself and then stuck it in.

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