5 thoughts on “The body builder in Jameson of Fratmen

  1. Jameson is a good looking ripped muscular guy. Looks like he might be a ginger. His natural skin tone looks fine and shows off his muscles very well. That’s not good enough for the body building world. They seem to think that you have to look like the Tanning Mom so the judges can see your definition. So they spray you a kind of orange/tan. They don’t seem to paint the face and so the bodies and heads often don’t seem to belong to each other. I think the overall look makes otherwise great looking guys look ridiculous.

  2. He went from a decent looking guy with a hot body, to….. Sigh.. Looking like an orange disaster.

  3. Well he has to use bronzer for a bodybuilding competition so you can’t blame that on him. They all have to use it. Once the competition is over they wash the stuff off. I’m no bodybuilding expert but I’ve read enough to have a little knowledge about this stuff.
    Marc Stone, an ex-Jet Set Men model, did a bodybuilding competition a few years back and he had to use bronzer, too. It helps their muscles and sinews stand out more.

  4. Another PORN-STAR following Brady Jensen into bodybuilding and perfecting their physique.
    Any how,… “Diversification” is part of Life and Living to the Full …so…all the BEST them. 🙂 🙂

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