This took courage to admit from Rod Daily

Rod Daily just confirmed today that he was HIV+.


A press statement of an Assemblymember with regards to the issue was released.


Reports of a second confirmed HIV transmission of an adult film actor in less than two weeks should send a chilling message to the public and the adult film industry. Enough is enough. 

The adult film industry can no longer sit on the sidelines while actors continue to be exposed to injury, harm and potentially death. The adult film industry should immediately reinstate its filming moratorium that it recklessly lifted after only six days. All actors or members of the public that have been potentially exposed to HIV should be tested by licensed medical professionals to determine the extent of this outbreak. Adult film production should only resume with comprehensive workplace safety protocols in place, including requiring condom use in all adult films. 

Adult film actors placed their trust in an industry that has put porn profits above worker safety. It is time for the Free Speech Coalition and the adult film industry to stand up for the workers that made them successful by supporting my AB 640 and working with actors, Cal/OSHA and public health officials to give these employees a safe place to work and earn a living.

Rod Daily has performed in gay, transsexual and str8 porn.

29 thoughts on “This took courage to admit from Rod Daily

  1. Props for being HIV positive? AIDS has been glamorized in the gay community.
    OK, he admit it and I guess that don’t put others are risk but no one is talking about the risk that resulted in the positive test.

  2. The assemblyman needs to get his facts straight. Rod Daily is dating the girl who was originally confirmed as HIV Pos. We don’t know who got it first even though Daily has said that he wears condoms with everyone but his girlfriend. So don’t go blowing this out of proportion and extending it to all of the industry, this is just one couple who has come down as Positive and classic fearmongering.

  3. This is what I hate about the biz. All the care goes into the poz models, respect their privacy….. But Neg models get crapped on.

  4. Considering she has unprotected sex on camera and he escorts I guess it was inevitable one of them gave it to the other.

  5. Sad for him, and that he has to deal with this so publicly. People have been incredibly hateful to him, and there is no telling which one infected the other. There is a stupid belief women cannot pass the virus to men, it’s less likely, but far from impossible; just a slightly lower percentage.
    I wish him all the best.

  6. Rod Daily has performed with men, women and transgender performers in porn. Plus he was escorting as well (not to mention what he did in his own personal time). Sadly when you add all those factors up, your exposure to an STD not even taking into consideration HIV is greatly increased. Partnered up with someone whose also in the biz then sadly it was only a matter of time before one or the other got infected.
    I’m sorry for them both and do wish them well but it is a cautionary tale that too much sex with too many people can have dire consequences on your health even with safeguards in place.

  7. Love Rod Daily and wish him long life. Maybe this will cause other porn actors to REFUSE to do BB. The first Class Studios like SC, CF and Bel Ami should STOP doing BB videos. STOP risking the good health of these beautiful young men just so that a few of us can get a little extra titillation. STOP NOW!!!

  8. I highly doubt he got it from gay porn,as he wore condoms in all of those scenes.
    Not so for his straight and transexual scenes,same for his girlfriend,no protection for her.
    One other thing,HIV is bad but there are other STDS that aren’t walks in the park either.

  9. This was pretty brave of him, and I hope he and his gf get the support they need.
    The people looking to blame the gf or his straight porn work are in denial. Say what you want about the straight porn industry, but you can’t deny their track record. Their protocols for lockdown and testing are standardized and spot on. It’s not HIV they’re having problems with, it’s syphilis, and that’s mainly a problem in the Czech industry.
    Whenever they’ve had an HIV scare, it’s always been a crossover actor and they’ve always been quick to shutdown and isolate. Unfortunately, this incident is going to worsen the homophobia in straight porn.
    It’s also probably going to cause the different fiefdoms of pro-am studios to isolate themselves further from the larger gay porn industry. Who can blame them? – They can sell bareback and minimize the risk by not mixing with studios who don’t share the same testing standards. When you factor in piracy and the ridiculous turnover rate for pro-am studios; there’s really no reason for them to change.

  10. Its not too much sex with too many people that is the major problem, it is unprotected sex with even a single person that is the biggest problem.

  11. Do Rod and his GF have a child together? Reason I’m asking is because I now a while back he had baby footprints tatooed to his torso.

  12. It’s not understanding the RISKS of unprotected sex with STRANGERS, (gay, str8, bi, etc) that’s the biggest problem. Unprotected sex with someone you know, love, and trust is not an issue. However, even despite the trust between Rod and his girlfriend (even if she wasn’t the cause) they both should have realized the risks of bringing something home from work. One of them chose not to wear condoms at work, so eventually one (or maybe even both) of them had to pay the price.

  13. I see 4 possible reasons why he got HIV
    1. He was exposed to it from his girlfriend who works in porn.
    2. He got it from his own work in porn.
    3. He got it from escorting.
    4. He got it from IV drug use.
    I’d bet my money on option 3.

  14. Someone on a thread on Datalounge said he had a wife and daughter.
    Not sure if:
    1) That’s a total lie
    2) Cameron is his wife
    3) Another woman is the wife he has a baby with.

  15. Yep! Unprotected sex with someone you love and are in a monogamous relationship with and both of you are disease free is THE BEST!

  16. There is little chance that the studios Andrew mentions go back to producing only condom scenes. George Duroy (BelAmi) not so long ago said that he would go out of business if he did that. Maybe he exagerated a bit but I have no doubts whatsoever that BelAmi memberships would drop considerably if all their scenes were condom only. This in turn would mean no trips to South Africa and other exotic locations, fewer exclusive models, fewer group scenes, cheaper locations to shoot scenes etc. etc.

  17. His former girlfriend, Presley Maddox, is the child’s mother. She works at the Bunny Ranch at the moment.

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