10 thoughts on “Are they really lover? David Kadera and Adam Rupert

  1. Agreed, they need to teach these Czech guys how to kiss and how to add some passion to their fucking.

  2. Luckily we have American models to teach us how to kiss and fuck with passion. When is Cody Cummings coming to Prague?
    Love Adam Rupert but its a while since he has done a scene for William Higgins. Last week Kristen Bjorn filmed in Prague so maybe there will be new scenes with Adam.

  3. Hasn’t Kadera done BB on other sites, with other guys, not advertised as his “lover”?
    Some of these guys, in both Europe & the US, are terrible kissers. & not just the G4Payers.
    IMO one of the better kissers is openly gay Damien Crosse, a real Latin lover, whether on top or bottom

  4. With you saying that, I remember KB putting it out that Jean Franko and Franco Dominicci were real-life lovers yet Franco was so awkward in quite a few of his sex scenes, particularly his video “Spank 2” with Carlos Caballero at Men At Play.

  5. The only REAL question is whether KB Studios is simply creating a whole bareback line under this name without regard to their stated policy, or if these guys actually try to portray themselves as lovers to get the work. I tend to believe the former.

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